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 DragonBall New Era (Beta Launch)

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PostSubject: DragonBall New Era (Beta Launch)   Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:17 am

DragonBall New Era

Since time immemorable the universe has been a place teemming with potential, we see empires rise and fall and heroes come from the least likely of places to devote their lives to other and see the greatest evils turn into the most dependable warriors. Pride and Determination guide the world and how it goes. With the world's greatest now laying beneath the ground in a world only the dead inhabit do you have what it takes to take their place, to have the determination of Goku, the pride of Vegeta... or do you have something neither of them did... public appeal? Follow your dreams and see what your future holds, the fate of the universe depends on it.

DragonBall New Era
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DragonBall New Era (Beta Launch)
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