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 Fairy Tail Reborn: The Rebirth Age has come

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Ranger Nakamura


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PostSubject: Fairy Tail Reborn: The Rebirth Age has come    Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:56 am

Fairy Tail Reborn: The Rebirth Age has come

What Do You Offer?

Here on Fairy Tail Reborn we promote creativity giving you upmost creativities and spotlights to create those characters. We provide more room for magic and easy to get those slayer magics you always wanted.

What is there open at the moment?
At the moment we have currently the following:

  • Open Slayer Positions: (Devil, God, and Dragon) sorted by Element
  • Staff positions
  • A few Guildmaster Positions
  • Rank Up Exams with rewards
  • Sorcerer Magazine Staff
  • Abilites
  • Create your own pet
  • Creating your own guilds


The land of Fiore was always peaceful and happy thriving with magic and its people. Not until a forgotten mysterious force broke that balence. A new Era of wizards, the Guildmaster of all the dark guilds from Fairy Tail to Blue Pegasus to Grimoirce Heart to Phantom Lord. They all left without a word around the same time span of three months. The legend of the Twin Tigers of the Yin and Yang will come alive and bring Fiore into a dark age! Their war will now be yours. The country will fall! The royal family will become no more. Should you take the challenge
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Fairy Tail Reborn: The Rebirth Age has come
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