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 as above, so below

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PostSubject: as above, so below   Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:40 am


NEW SITE-WIDE EVENT! Join us for our Midsummer feast!
Ah, the longest day of the year! The peak of the year, the utter climax of nature. No matter where you come from, whether Greece, Gaul, Sparta, or Rome, this is the time to come together and celebrate the light and life Spring and Summer had brought before darkness once again engulfs the world and brings the cold.

The Vestal Virgins honor Vestia and all the virgin goddesses, cleansing the temples in preparation for the evening festivities. The married women do their wifely duties in preparing their offering to the gods, much to Hera's pleasure. The men gather in their fraternities for pre-parties, some paying homage to Dionysus early, while others take the time to recoup for the year ahead, rekindling friendships and making new alliances.
There is unrest in the hallowed halls of high Olympus.
Whispers of dissent and rebellion touch the winds, and the King of the Gods himself has felt the shifting of the tides.
Meanwhile, on Earth, a man's ambition leads him down the path of power towards a single throne: one Emperor to rule all of Rome.
By his volition, the long-standing republic will fall, and his Empire will rise to take its place.

War is coming to the Heavens.
War is coming to the Earth

Where will you stand?

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as above, so below
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