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 Phantom Lord {Guild Info}

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PostSubject: Phantom Lord {Guild Info}   Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:08 pm

[size=30]Phantom Lord[/size]

Location: Oak Town

Guild Alignment: Dark

Guild Hall:
Surrounded by a huge stone wall, a big stone building raises to protect those in Phantom Lord and give them shelter during their mission. The castle is completely made of stone in the outside while having some wooden floor inside. In the first level, you can find the bar, the kitchen and the wineries. In the second and third level are almost completely used for rooms and the library which is specifically located in the second floor. In the forth level you can find the guild master's office, room and private library.

Outside the castle, between the entrance and the wall's gate, some empty terrain can be used to train. Inside the guild, in the basement, you can find the dungeon and some special rooms to hide treasures or important items for the guild. These rooms are usually locked and this underground area is usually very restrict for other people but the guild master and his closest men.

Motto: "Only the Strong Shall Live"

Goal: In the world we now know, the human race believes in order as a solution for the world to become better.The reality is that order is the opposite of real balance in the world. What this guild looks for is to create chaos in the world. The goal isn't to drown the world in darkness, but instead look for the perfect balance between good and evil and create a world were only the strong will survive and real justice would be applied. The guild itself follows the beliefs of Apep, the snake god, able to create chaos just by moving, the key to a perfect world. We look for knowledge and power to summon Apep, but that's a long and difficult journey which will need as much help as possible.

Guild Master: Hiroko Kurobo - Current
Magic: Prison
Rank: A Rank



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Phantom Lord {Guild Info}
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