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 Naruto Odyssey Advertisement!

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Naruto Odyssey

PostSubject: Naruto Odyssey Advertisement!   Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:39 pm


Naruto Odyssey is a semi-new role-playing Naruto-based forum which prides itself in the fact that anything (and we do mean ANYTHING) that is possible in the Naruto canon is permitted on our site. Friendly, experienced, and active staff ensure that the site is maintained very well, as well as ensuring that everything is taken care if in a timely manner.

Our site includes some very unique principals including:

  • The ability for any single character to end up learning every specialization available
  • The ability to learn advanced elements
  • The ability to have stats are higher levels than the average stat-based site
  • The ability to learn anything known in the Naruto-canon
  • Custom villages which ensure a very unique role-playing experience

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Naruto Odyssey Advertisement!
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