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 Lazy days [Ares]

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PostSubject: Lazy days [Ares]   Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:16 am

Magnolia Town, it was quite a beautiful place. The colors were bright and there was much more sunlight than what she was used to. Tyrnair threw an arm up, shading her eyes from the glare of the light, maybe she should invest in a hat or a pair of sunglasses, she thought as she looked around. She was investigating the town, trying to get her bearings. After only just having arrived in the town before joining the Fairy Tail guild, she dove right into taking requests and jobs. This was the first chance she hadn't taken another job right after returning to the guild. This place really was quite beautiful. Later on, she made a mental note to start to get more comfortable with her guild mates. People made her overly anxious sometimes, she really couldn't figure out why, maybe it was just all her time alone that made that possible. She had become more quick to snap at people.

Tyrnair tapped her fingers on the top of her thigh as she watched the people in the park. There were lots of children, lots of families here. Maybe this wasn't the best idea, she thought. Her fingers clenched at the fabric of her shirt, the hem had a bit of a fray in it as she toyed with it. She could hear her mother snapping at her, telling her to not destroy her clothes. A lady didn't play with her clothes or fidget with her fingers. There were so many things that ladies didn't do. She was never really someone who had paid into that whole stereotypical lady thing. Tyrnair wanted adventures, and to think that she had been trained by the same dragon that had trained her father, that was just pure crazy. Not to mention that she didn't blame the dragon, that she figured that she would be eaten. Ganymede should have eaten her at any rate. She did wallop him with a large stick the first time she had seen him. But in her defense, he scared the living day lights out of her.

She let out a small sigh, the sound lost on the breeze and drowned out by the sound of children and their families playing in the park. She missed her brother. She sent him money to help pay the bills for the spa. Being in the wizarding business was much more lucrative than running a business. Or at least that's how it was portrayed. Money and Adventure was nice, but it was being physically strong that attracted her to being a wizard in the first place. All of those stories that her dad spun, but it was hard believe that he had been a dragon slayer. Or that he died. The day she found out he died, Tyrnair had locked herself in her room. It killed her. But she was getting over it. She wanted to go home, to visit her brother and the hot springs. Tyrnair had this feeling though that once she went home, she'd never get the chance to be a real wizard. She leaned her head back against the smooth bark of the tree that she was sitting under. The shade was nice and so was the breeze, it wasn't too hot, though she absolutely loved the cold. Maybe she should take another job, but one that didn't take her too far away. Or maybe she should go some place far away, she wasn't sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Lazy days [Ares]   Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:06 am

Magnolia is kinda like the weirdest place ever. On one side, you have the peaceful village, with beautiful parks, and old people shopping in the market place. On the other hand, you have rowdy mages from Fairy Tail that isn't afraid, and in fact love, to cause noises everywhere. These rowdy mages do bring out the liveliness in Magnolia, and is an interesting addition. You can say Magnolia has the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the peace and serenity, and also the crazy side of it. You can say that's what attracted Ares.

Ares is always longing to learn more about humans, on how they react, what they like, etc. What better place is there than Magnolia that offers humanity as a whole? Fairy Tail adopted him, and for the first time he felt "belonged". He's always been wandering, and while in the road, the only person you could trust is yourself. However, here, he felt like you could trust people. Anyways, Ares just finished training and was walking towards his usual cafe, where he'd enjoy his daily tea. Walking through the streets of Magnolia, Ares could see cheerful people everywhere, ranging from parents and children, to even lovey dovey couples. Once in a while, Ares catches a few stares here and there, and he perfectly knows why. It was a bright day, yet, Ares was dressed totally in black. He had a black cloak on, and even had the hoody on. It was as if he was a criminal trying to hide... but instead, he was attracting attention. Ares was wearing the cloak to cover his face, both from the sunlight and others. He didn't want people to recognize him. He doesn't really like attention.

After walking a while, he finally reached his favorite cafe. However, he was mildly disappointed, as it was closed. The cafe was usually open every day, and even on special occasions. Today was neither a special occasion or the end of the world, yet it was closed. This really ticked Ares off, and Ares strutted away grumpily. He never, and I repeat, never went a day without tea. Today was the first. One simple solution was to find another cafe, but Ares was too pissed to think rationally. He just wanted to relax and calm down before disappointing himself again. As he walked aimlessly, griefing over the unavailability of his favorite cafe, Ares' legs brought him to the park.

The park was lively as usual; kids running with smiles on their face, couples walking hand in hand, drowned in puppy love, and people running around exercising. Everyone was enjoying their time, except Ares. Ares walked to a bench, and slumped on it. He lied down and used his hood to cover his eyes. As the warm rays come in contact his skin, he could feel the heat on it. The heat from the sun, combined with the breeze created an enjoyable feeling, which Ares enjoyed. Ares decided to lie on the bench a little longer, since the feeling was soothing, and is slowly calming him down.
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Lazy days [Ares]
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