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  The Worst in All of Us [A rank] WIP

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PostSubject: The Worst in All of Us [A rank] WIP   Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:52 am

Ares had just completed his daily training and was walking back to the guild. He was training with some new Requip spells he had learnt, and would love to apply it to real use. Upon reaching his guild, Fairy Tail, he pushed open the door and was surprised to see something out of the ordinary; there was an envelope on the mat. The surprise did not end yet, though. When he picked the envelope up, he could see who the letter was addressed to; Ares. This was indeed something odd and peculiar. Ares never received any letters. He had no relative or family. He had no distant friends, or anyone who'd ever send him a letter. Examining the letter, he could tell that this letter was from someone important. The aroma it gives out, and the texture of the envelope gave it away. He then opened the envelope, and he read it. The letter wrote about a mission; to destroy a simple mirror behind a waterfall in the forest just south of the city. The envelope also included the payment; meaning Ares could not refuse the request, as he did not know who the sender was. Smiling to himself as he clasped on the letter tightly, he went out of the building and headed off to where the mirror was.

Locating the waterfall was far too easy for Ares. Ares trains in the forest often, and he knows the geography of the forest just as if it was his home. However, Ares was cautious as ever. The payment included in the letter was that equivalent of an A rank mission. If this involved a simple object destruction, it wouldn't be an A rank request. In fact, it wouldn't even be a request! Ares figured the reason it was an A rank is because it was heavily guarded. As he slowly approached the waterfall, Ares used his Requip magic. "Requip: Sniper Goggles." A pair of goggles instantly appeared, immediately worn on his eyes. He adjusted his sniper goggles and stood cautiously and quietly. He scanned the area for any living things, using the zoom-in function and the heat seeking option. Other than the usual beasts and animals, Ares could not find anything out of the ordinary.

Upon reaching the waterfall, Ares scanned the area once again with his goggles. Yet again, he could not find anything special. Might be some magical traps. Ares made his way to the river, and waded towards the waterfall. Finding some rocks behind the waterfall, he slowly and carefully scaled it, wary of potential traps. After climbing for a while, Ares soon found the entrance behind the cave. Climbing into the entrance, Ares could see that this cave was huge and deep. Turning his night vision on, Ares made his way through the cave, still cautious of potential threats.
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The Worst in All of Us [A rank] WIP
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