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PostSubject: FROM THE DARKEST HOUR   Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:02 pm

After 100 years of mockery, abuse, and destitution, we took a stand against the tyrannical hand of The Capitol. Hundreds of our loved ones sacrificed their lives in a diversion that allowed us to escape to the north, where we have made a new home called Elysium. Hundreds of thousands more still suffer under the command of their oppressors, but we haven't forgotten them. Together with our allies scattered throughout Panem, we continue to strive toward our greatest goal. We will be victorious, we will overthrow the Leaders who have lead our homeland to ruin. Join us, brothers and sisters, as From The Darkest Hour We Rise.

From the Darkest Hour will be holding the 101st Spring Hunger Games soon so come check us out so you can get in on the action! The Tesserae Claims will begin on 02/19 and the Reaping will take place on 03/04 with all of the fun games things following immediately after. We are also holding a reapable promo until the end of the month and other fun teen-themed events happening throughout the forums.
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