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 Star Wars Timelines (Multi-Era Crossover RP)

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PostSubject: Star Wars Timelines (Multi-Era Crossover RP)   Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:16 pm

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350 A.B.Y.

Centuries after the legendary Battle of Yavin, the Galaxy was once again at peace. The shadow of the Empire and Sith had long passed over, and the Republic stood as a beautiful and seemingly eternal beacon of hope for all planets and species. It was truly an era of joy and tranquility that the Galaxy had dreamed of since the dawn of time.

With the peace, the long reformed Jedi Order no longer had to focus on being guardians. They were more like holy men, providing friendly council to any who needed it. They spent their days as content as any other, travelling throughout the Galaxy to continue to seek others strong in the Force to join them as they had done countless times in the distant past.

It was on one of these searches that Jedi Master Rame Shanoka stumbled on to a secret hidden for thousands of years, a secret no one was meant to find...

The Eternity Crystal, an object so powerful in the Force that it could unwind Time itself. Unwillingly locating the object after sensing its power from an underground cavern on Ryloth, he opened the sacred gold vessel that contained it and allowed its power to be released...

What happened next was something barely short of impossible.

Time unwound and generations of Galactic Inhabitants- Jedi, Sith, Legends, Criminals, and Almost Everyone Caught In Between came into existence once again. Those with dark hearts sought to control the new Galaxy before them, and those who stood in the light once again sought to be guardians of peace and justice. A new war, the greatest of all wars, had begun...

Star Wars: Timelines is an AU site that allows characters from all eras of Star Wars, as well as characters of your own creation, to interact with one another in an incredible new storyline. There are no limits to what adventures can be had with all your favorite characters involved. So join us in a brand new Galaxy Far, Far Away and May The Force Be With You!


[a href="http://starwarstimelines.proboards.com/"][img alt="Star Wars Timelines" src="https://2img.net/h/i13.photobucket.com/albums/a284/psychogirl7/STAR%20WARS/starwarstimelinesad_zpss590qz6x.jpg" style="max-width:100%;"][/a][/div]
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Star Wars Timelines (Multi-Era Crossover RP)
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