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 Unehrlich - Present Darkness (Mythic horse rpg)

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Unehrlich Admin

PostSubject: Unehrlich - Present Darkness (Mythic horse rpg)   Sun Feb 07, 2016 8:22 am


Years have passed since the rule of Duke, a cruel dictator whos influence effected more than just those around him. The lands began to decay and wither under his rule. Forcing his own sister, daughter, and son to strike him down. Twitch along with his two aunt and sister were able to rid Unehrlich of Duke, but the damage was done... and their success not without cost. Gravestone was lost in the battle, mortally wounded. The disease had spread across all territories, animals fled and rivers dried up. The horses of Unehrlich had no choice but to flee their homelands.

Now, years later Ares, and others have returned to find the lands once again flourishing. Ares returned to the lands as well, though he was not the same. No longer a mortal, but in fact a God. He had witnessed the havoc that Duke had inflicted on the lands, and swore to once again see the lights bowing before the dark, and the extermination of these ants.. these Mortals.

The two lived in a peaceful co-existence, neither crossing the other and each kept to their own sections. The Mortals lived in the area called the White Walkers, a land covered by snow year around. Yet somehow water and plant life continued to grow and flow. The mythic held the Black Woods - not woods at all - and the Angel Fields.

Will peace never be returned to the land of the Dishonest; Unehrlich? It’s up to you to decide.

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What Is Unehrlich?
- Dark Vs Light Vs Mortal RPG
- 200 Word Min
- We ask for active members
- Realistic Genetics
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- God Positions and Lands open
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Unehrlich - Present Darkness (Mythic horse rpg)
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