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 The Waltzing Dead (JCINK)

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Driving Miss Loki

PostSubject: The Waltzing Dead (JCINK)   Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:30 pm


Towards the end of summer in the year of 1816 a mysterious and deadly illness found it’s way to ports along the English coast, having come across the channel from France. Initially carried by a small group of sailors that had been attacked by what they thought to be a madman, but was actually one of the afflicted. The illness starts out similar to a cold. The afflicted person gets chills, cough, and lethargic. Over the course of the illness they seem to take on the appearance of a corpse before finally succumbing to the illness. Depending on the hardiness of the person affected it can take anywhere from several days to several weeks for the person to die, giving the virus time to travel great distances before it becomes overly apparent. As of yet, there have never been any survivors.

Of course, it wasn’t until the dead of those afflicted began to rise up again and walk that people began to realize that the worse was yet to come. Coastal towns were the first to be overrun by the walking dead and many were unable to be saved. Those who didn’t succumb to the afflicted, fled to different towns. Though, it took a while for people to realize that they needed to check everyone coming in for bites. So, the illness spread to other small towns and has even made it’s way to London.

Our story takes place in the town of Buckinghamshire. A moderate sized town with tall walls (recently finished) and a growing population. It rests about 20 miles from London and has become a common place for those with money or without to relocate to start over

So, it is for young women to learn to navigate society as well as avoid being attacked by those that shant be named. Our scene is set in the village of Buckinghamshire, a medium sized community about 20 miles from the outskirts of London.

You can create characters of high class, middle, or low. Though, keep in mind the ratio of aristocrat to commoner is decidedly higher on the commoner end of things. We want everyone! We are not doing characters canon from books, though having your personal characters inspired by them is fine!
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The Waltzing Dead (JCINK)
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