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 Hot DC Nights 18+

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Wonder Woman

PostSubject: Hot DC Nights 18+   Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:13 pm

Introducing Hot DC Nights 18+

Hot DC Nights is a new, mature RP site that focuses on the more interpersonal side of heroics. Whilst we still embrace traditional story arcs of battling villains and fighting crime, HDCN also seeks intermediate to advanced writers to explore different facets of superhero RP.

What happens when the cape comes off? What happens when the battle is over? What happens where there is no one to turn to and all you want to do is talk? What happens when the heart yearns for another?

We offer a simple application process for both canon and OCs with an emphasis on the character section (and not on listing the powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men). We’re about writing and story-telling at HDCN and we want to make the joining process as easy as possible for those creative folk who just want to get into the action as soon as they can.

Tired of the same old RP again and again? Then Hot DC Nights is your place to be. With both ongoing site wide and peripheral mystery plots, Hot DC Nights will keep even the most experienced RP player on her or his toes!

With our 18 + membership policy, you can feel free to explore more adult and cerebral plots. Romance, intrigue and mystery is in the air! So why not come by and check us out?

Introducing Hot DC Nights 18+

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Hot DC Nights 18+
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