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 Characters, Ranks, Guilds & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Characters, Ranks, Guilds & Guidelines   Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:59 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Characters, Ranks, Guilds & Guidelines   Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:59 pm

Character Rules

Here, and like in Fairy Tail manga / anime, we use a ranking system. Wizards starting off are D Rank. Through hard work and determination, they can ascend to higher ranks, capping at S Rank. Just like spell ranks, wizards follow the same ranking system. You can never cast spells above your personal rank, meaning a B Rank Wizard cannot cast A Rank spells. The exception to this rule is starter spells. The rank progression is as follows:

  • D Rank: A Novice of spell casting. Most of your spells can't do much damage to your opponents, and you don't have much magic power for long fights. Wizards of this rank usually take Requests involving simple tasks.

  • C Rank: Still considered a Novice, but a little more skilled, your spells are reaching the point where they can make someone remember you the next day. You're able to last a little bit longer in a fight, magic power wise, and are able to take requests involving actual combat. These can range from helping the police catch petty criminals, or even doing some investigation.

  • B Rank: Considered adept in your magic, you're finally coming into your own. Most of the Wizards you see around Fiore are at this skill set, able to break bones and hold out in a fight. You're now able to take requests that are a little more dangerous. Maybe even go treasure hunting!

  • A Rank: One step below a master of your trade, these mages often hold the title of 'most strongest' in their guild. They can hold out for a decent time in a fight, nearly remove limbs, and possibly even kill someone. You're able to take Requests that may involve taking down criminal organizations, or stopping assassinations.

  • S Rank: True masters of their trade. They are famous (or infamous if evil) throughout Fiore. These people are often Wizard Saints or Wizard Lords, Guild Masters, or just wandering bad asses if not in a guild. They are able to take part in legendary quests, and are a beacon of hope for those who align with them.

  • SS Rank: Legendary. Centuries from now when you're dust in the earth, people will still tell stories about your deeds, be they good stories or bad stories depends on you. Your name is irrefutably commonplace with anyone who knows anything about magic, and it can be used as a rallying cry or to strike fear in their very hearts. Those that reach this rank are selected by Staff based off of RP merit, deeds during plot, and combat skills.

An Exception?

Yes, as I stated the exception to the rule of not being to cast spells above your rank is the starter spells. Every Wizard starts at D Rank, and they get 5 spells they can create. These spells are 3 D Rank spells and 2 C Rank spells. They cannot create anymore C Rank spells until they reach C Rank.

Okay, cool! How do I get stronger then?

Here at FT Unlimited we use an XP System. You get XP for RPing, completing requests, and sometimes through special events. Each Rank has it's own XP Requirement, and upon reaching that requirement you can ask for a mod or admin to promote you. Each rank grants access to more spells, more magic, and better Requests.

  • D Rank: The starting rank. MP is 100. Spell slots are 10.
  • C Rank: 10,000 XP. MP is 150. Spell slots are 15.
  • B Rank: 20,000 XP. MP is 200. Spell slots are 20.
  • A Rank: 50,000 XP. MP is 275. Spell slots are 25. (Maximum of 3 A Rank spells known)
  • S Rank: 100,000 XP. MP is 400. Spell slots are 30. (Maximum of 5 A Rank Spells and 3 S Ranks)
  • SS Rank: Must be S Rank. MP is 500. Spell slots are 40. (Spell Limits removed)

More Than One?

You are allowed to have up to as many characters as you wish, one of which is your main character. However, we ask that you are active on all accounts if you will be creating a second account.

Additional rules:

  • You may only have 1 Limited Magic, and only on your Main Account.

  • Also you may only have 1 Wizard Saint or Sinner Position which can belong to any of your characters.

  • Your characters cannot be in the same Guild and must belong to different factions.

  • Your characters cannot be in the same team.

  • Your characters can be in the same thread, as long as there is at least one other person in the thread with you.

  • When your main character dies, you can choose to assign one of your alts to become your new main. You are then free to create a new account according to the rules above.

Now What?

Directed Below is a list of distinguishable Character options for you to choose between. From Traits to Races you can flesh out your character easily! If you are in need of Assistance please look into our Guidance Program! Also do not forget to register your Face Claim upon completion!

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PostSubject: Re: Characters, Ranks, Guilds & Guidelines   Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:59 pm


Traits are things you can add to your character to make them more unique. I.E. Blindness, or mute, etc. There are no limits to these traits, but bear in mind that for every point you have in positive traits, you need to have that many in negative so that the balance is zero.

Positive Traits


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PostSubject: Re: Characters, Ranks, Guilds & Guidelines   Thu Feb 04, 2016 2:00 pm

Character Races

Many different kinds of people call the world of Earthland home. In fact, not all of them are totally conventionally people. Throughout the years, magic and evolution have caused people to mutate into something else entirely, creating sub-races of humans, though they are called races for short. Each race is essentially human in biology, meaning they eat the same things, though may have different preferences, they are capable of the same magics, though they may do some magics better or worse, and yes, they can reproduce with humans or other races.

Some races are more common than others. The most common races aren't too different from humans, and are available at character creation. However, some races are much more rare, and will only be available as quest rewards. These races differ far more greatly from humans than the others.

As a mechanic, you are allowed one race. You may pick your race at character creation from the list of common races. After you have decided on a starting race and entered play with your character, do not lose hope, you may still change your race! You may be lucky enough to find an item in a shop that, for a hefty price, will change your race. As you travel and adventure, you may be lucky enough to come across someone with a special magic, who can change your race for free, but it's a one time opportunity, say no and that chance is gone.

In addition, the land is changing all the time. If you have an idea for a new race, the mods may be able to help you realize it. Be aware though, that every race has disadvantages in addition to the advantages they provide, generally more of each the further they get from being human. Also, there's a little something for people who want to just play a human, to help them stand out as a playable race.


These are the common races of Earthland, and are available at character creation.

  • Human
    Humans are the highly intelligent (usually) species that make up the majority of the population. They are a highly adaptable race, with great potential. As such, they get three points to spend on positive character traits without having to balance them with negative ones. HOWEVER, these points can't be combined with points earned from negative traits to buy something worth more than 3 points. This means you can use them for one two point trait or one three point trait. Any trait bought with this advantage MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED AS SUCH.

  • Beast races
    The Beast races are categorized by their likeness to beast type animals, often being humanoid but with ears, tails, sometimes paws, claws, fur, and other features. They come in a wide variety, but often they confer the same advantages. However, their disadvantages tend to vary by type. Some overlap, some are unique.

    • Alertness character trait
    • Swift character trait


    • Neko

      • Phobia character trait - Ligyrophobia- Fear of loud noises
      • All Neko characters have a weakness to catnip, it's like a drug for them, they love it and will go to extreme lengths to get it.

    • Inu

      • Phobia character trait - Astraphobia or Astrapophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning
      • All Inu characters love to go fast, and thus when ever they travel somewhere, they have to use transportation, and of course, stick their head out the window.

    • Kitsune

      • Phobia character trait - Amaxophobia- Fear of riding in a vehicle
      • All Kitsune characters are hoarders to a degree, and as a result they collect a lot of things, especially shiny things.

    • Usagi

      • Phobia character trait - Pyrophobia- Fear of fire
      • All Usagi characters are somewhat easy to frighten with jump scares, and react very poorly to them, either retreating shyly or by lashing out.

    • More as they come

  • Harpies
    Harpies are a race of part bird people, often recognizable by feathered arms that can extend into wings, clawed feet, and feathery hair. They can be female or male, though females are far more prevalent, leading to the common misbelief that male Harpies do not exist. Though they can take after many different kinds of birds, they all have the same basic advantages and disadvantages.

    • Swift character trait
    • Short Distance Flight: A Harpy can fly short distances, though most of the time this comes across more as a hop. Harpies can leap up to 60 meters at a speed of 15 m/s once per post, but must allow a post of cooldown before they can do it again. This leap can be used as an evasive maneuver to dodge a C rank or lower spell.


    • Curiosity character trait
    • Fragility character trait
    • Inattentive character trait
    • If a Harpy is unable to sleep somewhere they find comfortable, such as their home, a friend's home, a hotel, etc., then the next day, one in every five spells will fail.

  • Fairy races
    The Fairy races are characterized by their mystical nature, and often by enchantingly good looks. They also all share common weaknesses, as a result of their common origin, however the benefits they grant vary.

    • Changeling

      • Shapeshifting/Illusion magics are more effective, meaning they are considered a rank higher WHEN CAST, not when created.
      • Acrobatic character trait

    • Djinn

      • Non-elemental magics are more effective, meaning they are considered a rank higher WHEN CAST, not when created.
      • Diligent character trait

    • Elf

      • Summoning magics are more effective, meaning they are considered a rank higher WHEN CAST, not when created.
      • Deceitful character trait


    • Weakness to Fire, Iron and Poison magics, meaning they take a rank higher damage IF they get hit by it.


The rare races of Earthland, while not available initially, may be available later, either as a reward, for a price, or maybe some other method entirely. This section serves as a repository for all info pertaining to those races.

  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Angel
  • Demon
  • Drakenborn
  • More to come?

Custom Races

Have an idea for a race you don't see on this list? Well, never fear. Custom races will be allowed, but they are subject to mod approval AND balancing. We want to keep RP fun for everyone, and balancing the perks of a race with its demerits is a part of that. One good start is to take traits from the character trait rules and use them to balance the perks and disadvantages of a race. In addition, adding weaknesses and/or strengths in regards to specific elements can help balance a custom race. Ultimately however, a race is subject to mod approval, so even if the points balance out, the race won't necessarily be confirmed.

The currently accepted custom races are listed here.

  • The Prestigious
    Descended from the land of Fismuth, the Prestigious are an ageless race. While the do not age via natural means, they have one invisible organ that controls their ability to use their senses. They also come from a land separated from the rest of humanity, so they have little knowledge of how it works. The Prestigious can still be killed or die of disease, they just do not age via natural means.

    • Cannot age, thus cannot die of old age.


    • Restricted knowledge of humanity.
    • One sense organ that, while invisible, is still a form of Achilles Heel.
    • Can still be killed.

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PostSubject: Re: Characters, Ranks, Guilds & Guidelines   Thu Feb 04, 2016 2:00 pm

Guidance Program

Do you remember your first days as a Roleplayer? Overwhelmed by all of the information you had to absorb? Did you ever feel out of the loop, disconnected from the monumental events taking place all around you at any given time? Did you ever wish that someone would take you under their wing to help you get involved faster, the way some lucky few got to enjoy?

That’s what this program is all about. Making sure every single new player gets to feel welcome and gets someone assigned to them to help with this process.That’s where you, the devoted and seasoned veteran, come into the mix.

Requirements of a Mentor
In order to be a Mentor to the newer faces on Fairy Tail unlimited, there are a few traits you need to possess.

To start, you have to be knowledgeable. If you don’t know the game how can you expect to teach it to others? This includes not only the mechanics of Roleplaying but also a fair grasp of Site Mechanics as well.
All of the knowledge in the world won’t help if you aren’t personable. This is primarily a social role in which you’ll be put into the position of a role model for new players. This means you need to be friendly, inviting, the kind of person that others want to talk to so they’ll ask questions and learn. You’ll be expected to adhere to a high standard of conduct and to be prepared for a wide variety of individuals. Some players you’ll get will be experienced, others will be young and almost entirely new.

The one a lot of people have trouble with is the need to be available. We’ve all been there, of course. Other priorities and circumstances can keep you away. This is because we want to make sure you won’t vanish while helping one of our new players. We also want to make sure that their very first thread—which will almost certainly be with you!—doesn’t fall flat.

Requirements of a Player
Yes, even you—the Player—will have certain expectations. But don’t worry, for obvious reasons you won’t be held to standard as strict as your mentor’s.

That said, we have a few things we ask of you if you choose to participate when you get your Mentor. The very first is patience. Just like you all of our members have lives! Some of them are even busy staff here on the site! Sometimes that takes their attention away. Please understand that this entire program is a voluntary thing run by other members. We do want you to succeed and have fun here and we will get to you, promise!

Next, we expect you to keep an open mind. We understand that characters sometimes take on a life of their own and you sometimes walk in with your own goals and plans. That’s perfectly fine, we encourage that! So if you get suggestions from your Mentor that don’t seem to mesh with your character, it’s usually for good reason! Remember, many of our Mentors are the players behind some of the most historic characters on FTU. They know how to succeed and just want to help you do the same!

This same idea extends to receiving feedback as you keep playing! We’re always on your side, no matter how many suggestions for improvement we make.
Finally, you need to be willing. No one is forced to participate and you can opt-out at any point.

What to Expect
Now that you know what we’re looking for from both sides of this program, lets outline exactly how this works.

When you first join your account will receive a Private Message from the leader of the Guidance program ( Myself ^^ ). It will be a friendly “Welcome to Fairy Tail Unlimited!” message that outlines much of what is in this thread and asks if you’d like to participate. If you so choose, you’ll have someone to help you through both the character creation process and your establishment here as a player.

From that point on you’ll be able to go to your Mentor with questions whenever you’d like. One of their biggest roles for you will simply be a friendly face in a sea of new ones. Hopefully, with their help, you’ll get to be much more comfortable here much faster than you would have otherwise! They’re here to make sure you don’t get hopelessly lost in the sea of chaos that our rather large and very active community can turn into.

Finally, many players are going to find the biggest benefit of their Mentor to be the feedback they receive. Not only on their character but also on their writing as they get started! More than that, they’ll even get feedback on the story their weaving, and suggestions and tips on how to put together a better one using the opportunities they might not realize are all around them.

So allow all of us at the Guidance Program to be among the first to say: Welcome to Fairy Tail Unlimited

Our Mentors

Leading the group is yours truly Lady Tyriel. I'll be sending out the welcome PM's and deciding who gets assigned who, unless otherwise specified.

Current Mentors:

  • Tyriel

How To Make A Character

New Applicant: An example of step-by-step creation.

Congratulations and welcome to the wide world of Fairy Tail Unlimited! If you're here, I'm assuming you have already read the rules and don't need to brush up on important details.
The following is intended to be a step-by-step, in-depth guide to making your very first FTU character. Still have questions after reading through? Join the chatbox and ask, or PM a staff member.


* Here on FTU we are a anime based style of RPing, and therefore require Anime Based Face Claims. You may use Canon faces, however if you are apply as a Fire Dragon Slayer, by the name of Dratsu Igneel, and have Natsu as a Face Claim you will udderly be denied. Let's try to be original here.

"Character quote here"
* This can be something your character says, or perhaps a quote that describes the personality of your character. Either way have fun with it!

Name: * Most Players have a wide range of names between Gaelic to Japanese. Whatever suits you the best!
Age: * Unless your Race ( we will get there in a second ) says you are immortal, expect to die at 90 years old. Also, be realistic! Do not expect to be facing monsters at 8 years old.
Race: * We have a wide range of Races to choose from already, but you have the option to create your own. Choose a pre-made one, or follow the process to make your own HERE
Gender: * This is obvious. Male or Female. If you are going to make a Transgender or No Gender character be specific in appearance details.
Orientation: * This one is also obvious, but if you are unsure about the different sexual orientations out there take aLOOK
Height: * Once again be realistic, i have never laid eyes on a 7 foot 17 year old.
Weight: * This is not super important, but is necessary, also be realistic, a 4" midget will never weigh 400 lbs.
Alignment: *This defines the behavior of a character in 1 or 2 simple words. There is a LIST for those that need it, the alignment does NOT have to align with the guild, but it is easier to associate with guild members if it does.
Guild: * Please look at the available guilds, or choose guildless if you are undecided. You may choose at a later date if you desire.
Rank: Every character starts at D Rank, unless otherwise stated.
Face Claim: Character's name and media here. (Anime, video game, etc)


Description: Describe, in 300 words or more, how your character appears. Anything significant that stands out about them? What kind of clothes do they wear? Does it differ on missions? These are some things you can cover.

*Here's where you can get visual. Your character must have something that sets him apart, right? Does he have tattoos, piercings, a favorite shirt? Does she have a journal she carries, headphones, a particular perfume that identifies her? Think of what an observer might see if your character walked by. Then think about what lays beneath that first look. Here is also the place where, should you wish it, a picture can be placed to represent your character. Of course, no internet picture will perfectly show your unique character, but a visual can be helpful for those describing how your character looks. Want an anime picture? Try HERE. Want to make your own? Do it. Need an expert Photoshop/drawing job? Check out the Art and Creativity board to commission a piece.

As a secondary part, consider including how your character would look outside of his "natural habitat." How would your character dress to evade suspicion? Do they ALWAYS wear armor or a cape?

This section is really a catch all for anything that you could use to describe your character. How do they walk and talk? Do they have an accent? What might people think when they first meet them? You can even explain what they look like in a spiritual sense! Tell us what others might sense about your character. There really are no limits to this section, so don't be afraid to really explain everything you can think of!

Make sure your faceclaim is not already taken.


Description: At least 350 words describing your character's personality. How do they interact with guild mates? Other guilds? Those of the opposite sex? Children? What makes them happy? What makes them angry? These are some points you can cover.

*Positive Traits
These are very important pieces of your character.We've just established how he/she looks different, but how does he feel?
What drives her, what makes her a positive person to be around?
What would people say about your character if they were praising them? If you have difficulties figuring out some of these, try coming back after you think about Negative Traits, or even after you finish the backstory. Chances are, your character will have formed in your head enough that you can finish these.

Negative Traits
Similarly, what would people say about your character if they were talking badly about them? What might make him/her a difficult person to be around? It could be a small thing like needing to purchase every stuffed animal your character sees, or something large like a desire to burn houses down. Note that some of these traits may be both positive and negative. Being dedicated to a girl could be a good thing for her, but a bad thing for everyone else you're ignoring. Again, move forward if you're stumped on these. They'll become easier as you go along.

Your traits are the core parts of your character's personality. What drives your character to do the things they do? What sort of quirks do they have? Keep in mind that these are not learned or trained behaviors, but rather things that they were born with. A character who was born friendly, would probably have the Charismatic trait, but a character who has read all the books in the forbidden library would not have the Intelligent trait.

That being said, don't feel limited to the list format! Having a paragraph or two above or below your traits can really help sum up your character's personality and also give you a chance to figure out more about them. You'll find that sitting down and just writing about your character for a little bit will really help you think of a few traits that you can add.


  • Please list and describe your likes and dislikes. Minimum of 50 Words Each describing why it is you have them listed. You must have one more dislike than likes


  • Please list and describe your likes and dislikes. Minimum of 50 Words Each describing why it is you have them listed. You must have one more dislike than likes


  • Please list and describe your likes and dislikes. Minimum of 50 Words Each describing why it is you have them listed. You must have one more dislike than likes


  • Please list and describe your likes and dislikes. Minimum of 50 Words Each describing why it is you have them listed. You must have one more dislike than likes


Positive Traits
List positive traits, selected from the positive trait list, to reinforce your character. List them using the list format.

Negative Traits

List negative traits, selected from the negative trait list. These traits must equal in number the amount of points you accrued with positive traits. So if all of your positive traits equal 36, you must have a list of negative traits that equals -36, to set the balance at zero.


Name: Name of your character's magic. * Alot of magic names are already created if you are a slayer, or a requip mage. If not, feel free to get creative like ' Knight's Code!' or whatever.

Element: What element is the magic? No dual elements are allowed. * This is important, we only allow one element in a magic other than the limited magics Requip and Takeover. You are allowed to possess a second element after purchasing a secondary magic
Description: Describe, in 150 words or more, the strengths and weaknesses of your magic, as well as it's capabilities. If we feel this is not balanced, the staff will ask you to add certain things or remove some.

* This is perhaps the most important part of the application process. You have to be very specific about your magic including size, shape, colors, texture, sounds, smells, the whole nine yards! Strengths and weaknesses are required as are abilities of the magic! Such as Natsu being able to eat the fire element with his dragon slayer magic.
If you find you are having trouble building an image of your magic do not be afraid to ask!


The Past: Where was your character born? How did they join their guild? What were their parents like? Not every story begins tragically, nor does every story have a happy ending. Provide 200 words describing your character's progression through life to their current point. ** If Applying for a position this will count as an rp sample as well **

*Here is where your character's past unfolds. We're looking for a detailed summary of what your character has been through. A common theme is merely going through step-by-step, but other ways of breaking the past into pieces are also acceptable. What you want to have here is, besides a history, an explanation of how your character got to this point physically, spiritually and mentally. What events made him have the positive and negative qualities he has today? What contributed to her mood and personality? People don't have all of their traits predetermined. Events change them and help them grow in new ways. Remember that in some races these memories should go up to and beyond death, but they may not remember them afterwards. If you plan on roleplaying that your character, now deceased, is still haunted by memories of a beloved pencil case from all those years ago, you'd better have a very good reason for it.

*Note: Even if you do not remember your past, please include it. This will help create an even deeper character and possibly a personal plot that you may later wish to delve into, something for your character to build his actions on, or maybe you won’t use it at all. The choice is yours, but we still want it included.

And that is that!

Our (unpaid) staff is very busy, and it's possible we might not get to your application as soon as you'd like. Don't worry, though. Our team of winged monkeys with typewriters should be able to get around to your app sooner rather than later. Don't despair! If you really feel ignored, try logging onto the Chatbox and remind a staff member of your application. That said, don't be obnoxious. The best way to delay your approval is by constantly nagging someone to get on it. They have a lot to do already. Be nice.

If you're unsure of who's on staff, there's a box on the right hand side of the home page with a list of all our current staff as well as a link that will take you to who handles what duties.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering "what makes an application good enough to impress the staff?" Well, there are several things we're looking at.

1. Conventions: we want to see good, fluent grammar. Capitalize the first letter of a sentence, use apostrophes where they're needed, and keep the flow natural. Do you have a ton of obvious mistakes one read-through would have fixed? That's not a good thing.

2. Writing: we want to see good, solid work. It shouldn't bore us to read your application; we should be captivated by the story you're weaving, looking away only when it ends.

3. Elevated Diction: do you have eloquence and poise without becoming too verbose? This is a sure sign that your writing is high class. If you reuse the same words over and over without parallellistic intent, if you fall victim to endless clichés and base language, and if you can't seem to form a word longer than two syllables then your writing maturity is not what we're looking for in a high-tier player. But don't worry; you can always get there later.

4. A "finished" headline: when you are done with your application, edit your thread title to contain the word "FINISHED." If you don't do this, we won't know you're done and it will be a clear indication that you have not read this topic.

5. Correct format: when you're ready to begin, see the links below for the application format. This will contain more in-depth information to do with your character, and less on overall method. Only move forward if you think you've got all this down, or if you can manage to switch back and forth when you have questions. Post your application in the WIP section.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED, congratulations!

IF YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED, you have our sincerest regrets. Sadly, it seems your application was not up to par. You're encouraged to try again, because guess what? The hard part is mostly done, especially if you merely refine the denied character. Character creation once you get the hang of it can be a real breeze, and a pleasure. Note that it's pretty hard to get denied. For us to outright disapprove your application, you would need to make a pretty egregious mistake. Common examples include copying another character wholesale, including extremely (far, far beyond socially acceptable) themes, or just not even giving the application process a proper try.

Here's to an excellent roleplaying experience! Good luck!

Click HERE for an application template!

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PostSubject: Re: Characters, Ranks, Guilds & Guidelines   

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Characters, Ranks, Guilds & Guidelines
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