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 RRRRRumble in the Jungle! (Job/Solo)

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PostSubject: RRRRRumble in the Jungle! (Job/Solo)   Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:11 am

Wrestling wasn't the first thought that appeared in her mind when Ami was wondering how she was going to be spending her Sunday. She had gotten bored however she wanted to do some action today other than simply waiting on tables like she did on her other jobs. She took this job and headed to the designated location where the Ring Master was. Relief was apparent on his face as he began to explain to Ami what her job was. "The new champion is a wizard who uses strength inducing magic to win his fights. Since this is a non-magic tournament he is cheating. I want you to teach him a lesson by beating him at his own game. However please do it without magic. This guy may be strong physically however endurance wise, he can be quite weak." Ami murmured in an understanding tone as she got to work..

Everything went by as a blur. She was dressed in a very revealing outfit of just her bra and a pair of panties along with a blackmask that resembled a demon... .A voice boomed in her ears. "On the right side we have our reigning champion KO!" The fans screamed as he walked upon stage. "On the left side we have a new rising wrestler. Her name is Lilith." A few members of the audience gave her a few supportive applause as well. The two then shook hands and she heard a voice whisper into her ears.

"I can't beat up a girl, but this is wrestling. Are you ready Ma'dam?" He asked her in a seductive tone. Ami looked at her in shock and she was in such anger and hatred all she could muster out was a mocking laugh.

"As if." She said. They let go of each other's hands as the bell rung. The match as started. Ami felt the magical power radiating off of him. He rushed at her. However one thing Ami noticed when starting was that he seemed to concentrate his magic on his upper body which meant he was slower. As he charged towards her Ami quickly dodged to the side and landed a quick jab at his face. Her hand felt like it was hitting concrete. However that opened her up as well a quick blow was aimed towards her nose and a familiar pain filled her face although it wasn't very sharp. Ami grabbed the arm that punched her in the face and jumped upwards and swung her leg. She felt her foot colliding with the man's face. A groan filled the air around them.

"I'll teach you a lesson you little bitch." He mumbled. He suddenly grabbed her leg and swung her around in a circular motion. Ami tried to free herself but was unable to . When KO let his grip go, she suddenly went flying into the side of the arena where she hit the sides roughly. However she was not going to go down at the hands of the likes of a man like him. As he walked closer towards her thinking he won, Ami suddenly sprang up and with all the strength she could muster she punched him and he fell down to the ground. Cheers filled the air around them. Ami had just won the match.


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RRRRRumble in the Jungle! (Job/Solo)
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