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 Stargazing in the Guild (Open to FT/Guildless)

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PostSubject: Stargazing in the Guild (Open to FT/Guildless)   Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:06 pm

A large hole, 5 meters in radius rested upon the roof of the guild. How the hole had been there was when Ami accidentally threw a member up into the air and through the roof when he had pissed her off. She admit she did go a bit overboard and no doubly would be reprimanded for her actions however strangely enough she did not feel even a single bit of guilt or resentment. She simply shrugged it off as if it had never even happened. However attention was almost immediately attracted to the hole and she received strange looks from those who have witnessed her break the roof. In response she simply flashed them a smile and shrugged as if it were nothing. At least I didn't break the guild hall. The roof can always be fixed, I guess the damage is coming out of my pocket though. Oh well. She thought with a slight laugh.

It was quite late at that time, around midnight or so. Few people were at the guild while most had returned home to their houses to sleep. Ami stayed at the guild late so she can figure out how to explain to her guildmaster on why there was a large gaping hole on the top of the guild. A look of amusement spread across her face as she began to giggle at his reaction.I guess today I lived up to the expectation that Fairy Tail members are always destructive. How nice... She began pondering as she leaned against the counter top of the bar. She began to tap her chin as she wondered with amusement. Her thoughts suddenly went astray as she saw a dim, silvery light gently fall down from the ceiling. She became slightly curious and walked towards the light. A look of awe filled her features. Her eyes glowed with marvel. The hole was positioned perfectly from the sky, allowing a beautiful view of the sky of Magnolia at this time of the night. She then began lying down on the ground and staring out of the hole marveling at the beauty. Ami honestly never been too interested in astronomy however views like this truly captured her eye.

It was a reminder for her that there was still beauty in the world. There was something she could always admire. Something that will never cease to amaze her. She gave a few murmurs of awes and ignored the fact she looked completely ridiculous just lying down on the ground and doing almost nothing. However she didn't care. All that mattered for her was the beautiful sky. Silently she wished that someone would join her in the viewing of this beautiful sight that was nature's art.

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Stargazing in the Guild (Open to FT/Guildless)
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