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 Private Posts { Tyriel, Shiro & Tsubaki }

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PostSubject: Private Posts { Tyriel, Shiro & Tsubaki }   Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:24 pm

Light violet colored tresses fell around the petite woman as she stood amongst her friends that gathered in the Guild Hall of Sabertooth. They smiled and greeted her day with sing song like voices and welcoming gestures, causing Tyriel to smile softly as she returned the kind offers.
" And a good day to you as well!"
Her voice reflected her kind grin, echoing through the guild hall, resembling silk as it surrounded the person she addressed. Tyriel kept her self as she walked past them to continue making her way around. There was something about today that just brightened her outlook in life; so it was mirrored in her additude.

Tyriel's amethyst colored eyes fell on ice blue iris's, her expression just deepening as she smiled from ear to ear, flashing a toothy grin at Bando. They had met prior and he had left a lasting impression on the woman.
The woman's legs carried her closer as she grasped her hands in front of her body, resting against the clothing of her dress that was decorated in victorian style ruffles and accents.
"How are you Bando?" she asked quite curiously, generally concerned with her new found friend. At least, she hoped they had become friends after their meeting.
If not, she hoped he would at least express his disconcern with her and leave it at that.

She looked away as guild mates got a bit loud, demanding her attention for the split second. It was only a quick moment before returning her gaze to Bando, who appeared quite relaxed as he propped his boots up on the table.

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Private Posts { Tyriel, Shiro & Tsubaki }
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