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 Assassination at the Party [ A Rank ]

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PostSubject: Assassination at the Party [ A Rank ]   Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:27 am

Name: Assassination at the Party
Rank: A
Location: Crocus
Client: Commander Hanzama
Target: Words: 6000 ||  Protect the Princess of Fiore and apprehend the Assassin.
Reward: 4500 EXP & 15000J
Details: This job can only be completed by a Duo of Mages, and requires 6000 words in total to complete.

By successfully posing as a couple attending the ball, you and your current partner must question the close friends of the Princess to weed out the assassin hiding among them.

Commander Hanzama had received a tip off that a "friend" of the princess paid for a assassin to kill the girl at her 18th birthday party. The reasoning behind it is unknown, so Commander Hanzama requests that not only you find the Client of the Assassin, you protect her, and as well as find out why! So much work to do...

The party is held at the palace in crocus and is a suit and tie required event.

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Assassination at the Party [ A Rank ]
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