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 Cornered! [Job | Solo]

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PostSubject: Cornered! [Job | Solo]   Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:33 am

Raiken had returned from the Marivel Heavy Industries, after being cosplayed as a protestor, so he could see their reactions and inform the requester about it. Now, he was involved in it again; the next request was about a developer from that company, who seemingly had defected. Raiken was going to get back to the company’s gates and escort this guy to a safe-house, nearby the outskirts of Magnolia. The quest also named a very important briefcase, which contained some very useful information that could be used against the company. First, Raiken couldn’t understand the requester’s hateful feelings for that company, but he might had a good reason, so he rolled with it. Besides, those guys over there weren’t really the nicest ones. Rengoku, who always tried to criticize these jobs, were surprisingly calm today. “Ehm… Rengoku, something wrong? You aren’t complaining…” Raiken asked him. His hand began to glow, as Rengoku was about to reply: “I sense that... you might get in trouble today. WE might get in trouble today…” This was getting scary; Rengoku never worried so much for himself. Ever. “Eh?” Raiken was shocked when hearing that, “You seem never to worry about a job. What’s gotten into you about this one?” Typically, Rengoku was always right, but this was creepy. Rengoku didn’t say much else, before Raiken went off…

He appeared at the front gate of the Marivel Heavy Industries, and spotted a stranger at the corner of the gates. He was holding a briefcase; just like the request named. Raiken headed towards him and greeted; “Hey, I’m Raiken. Nice to meet you.” The man looked up at Raiken’s face and asked quietly: “Are you the one that they sent?” “Yes, it’s me. I heard that you’re not 100% safe right now… I know a safe-house, not far away from here.” Raiken continued. The man smiled a bit and moved pass him, saying: “Alright, let’s hurry. They might find out, soon…” Raiken caught up on him, curious about what he just said. “Find out what? About the briefcase?” he asked curiously. The man nodded and moved a finger to his mouth, warning: “Yes, but don’t say it loud. They might already be around here and listen to us…” Raiken quickly shut his mouth and continued following this man towards the house. But his curiousness was growing in his head; what kind of information does he have? And is his life really in danger? And if so, is Raiken in danger as well? All those thoughts surrounded his mind like a swarm of flies, and his fly-swatter wasn’t big enough to bypass this curiousness and let him concentrate a single second. The man suddenly greeted: “By the way, thanks for escorting me. My name is Marco Santiago.” He moved his hand towards Raiken, probably to get a hand-shake, “I’ll tell you everything, when we’re safe.” Raiken’s mind just exploded there; his curiousness fed on those words. It didn’t help him to concentrate about their situation right now; first of all, he didn’t know if there was anyone after them right now. Second, what information was in that briefcase? He really, really wanted to know, but could only wait. He tried to make them both hurry to the safe-house, so he could tell him about the information.

They finally arrived at the safe-house, which mostly was a left farm with thick walls, a solid roof and pretty much all that they needed to be safe. “Alright, we’re here. Now, tell me! Please!” Raiken was begging, “I really want to know what kind of information that you’re holding, right there!” He was almost begging like a little child, who wanted some candy. “Oh, calm down sir! I’ll tell… watch out!” Marco said, but got interrupted by a lightning bolt that launched into the house. Raiken was almost hit by it. “What was that?!” he curiously asked, spotting two figures heading inside. One of them headed directly for Marco. Raiken quickly grabbed the intruder’s arm and threw him away. “Marco, stay back! These guys must be from the company! Rengoku, let’s go!” Raiken spoke up and activated his hand, causing it to change into the red-scaled, godly-dragonic form. “Alright, take them out, Raiken!” Rengoku answered with eager. “Hm, seems that this guy is the developer’s bodyguard. You take him down!” One of the assassins told the other. The other assassin didn’t say anything, but quickly charged at Raiken and charged a fist towards him. Raiken parried it with another punch, simultaneously punching with the other fist right after. The other assassin parried as well, and this continued for a few seconds, until Raiken finally hit the assassin’s face. The assassin moved back and quickly launched two, long metal blades with robes on them towards Raiken. He tried to block with his hand, but it still did a lot of damage on him. “Darn you!” he spoke up and grabbed the robes, pulling the assassin towards him with supportive power from his spell, “Take this, you bastard!” He launched his transformed fist to the assassin’s head, instantly knocking him down. His arm was pretty damaged, but he was getting heated up now. A green aura surrounded him, as he tried to heal his wounds. “Your turn now!” he shouted and pointed towards the other assassin, who was quite shocked to see his companion defeated so quickly. “Woah, that’s just disappointing… guess I’ll destroy you, then!” he said recklessly and moved a hand up, launching a thunder wave towards Raiken. He threw scales from his own hand’s skin down to the ground, causing it to grow up and form a shield to block the thunder. It broke down, but saved him. Right after it broke, Raiken saw an opening and charged towards the lightning guy. Just like he did to the other mage, he sent a massive hit to the assassin’s face, launching him away. Raiken was really strong, after all. “That’s how you do it, my host!” Rengoku was happily commenting Raiken’s action. But the other lightning assassin wasn’t done yet. He stood up, slowly, and caught off Raiken’s guard by shooting his legs. Raiken was completely surprised by that and fell down. “Argh!” he screamed, as the pain caused him to shiver his legs. The assassin then pointed towards Marco. “Now, off to Hell you go, betrayer of Marivel!” he shouted and almost managed to launch another bolt, which would’ve killed Marco, when Raiken shot him down with a red, charged bolt. It hit him right in the belly and annihilated him.

Raiken was hurt pretty badly, both on his arm and legs. “Argh… Marco…” he quietly asked for. Marco was quite shocked himself, but managed to get over to him and answer: “Hey, you alright!? You seem badly hurt!” He lifted Raiken up, he was unable to stand for the time being. “Argh… that was close. Thank goodness, you’re safe,” he replied. Rengoku suddenly showed up, as the green light on his palm. “Hm… seems that my worries were real. I’m glad that you’re safe, Raiken.” Raiken got Rengoku’s attention by those words, and even laughed a bit. “You’re scaring me a bit, Rengoku. Where’s the ice-cold, tough guy, you usually are?” he asked with amuse. Rengoku felt teased and replied: “Just wait until we get back, you’re going to love the harsh me, then!”

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Cornered! [Job | Solo]
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