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 Bounty Rules

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PostSubject: Bounty Rules   Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:17 am

Bounty: If a mage is caught or seen in some way doing an act against the law, the magic council will determine if the mage needs a collectible bounty.

Collecting a Bounty: You can collect bounties by invading someone's topic in travel, if they're in an open topic going to it before they leave. Once the person has been turned in their are two prisons, one in Era the other in Crocus. The prison and amount of time is determined by the Council and will be posted here.

  • Era- This is the lighter security of the two prisons where the Council will decide how many mages to send to breakout. This would be a hard escape attempt for S ranks, though stealthier methods could prevail.
  • Crocus- This is total lock up where security is at its highest where the worse of the worse go, stealth is very unlikely almost impossible. This would be a hard escape attempt for SS ranks.

Fleeing a Bounty: If you manage to escape from a topic the penalty is that the person who initiated collecting your bounty can follow you to your next post.  

Bounty Board: Any mage can view a bounty board at the guild hall if you are a A rank or above you receive a Bounty Book that self updates.

Current Bounty Board:
Currently No Bounties

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Bounty Rules
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