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 Causing a Scene [Mission/Solo]

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Alice Fay


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PostSubject: Causing a Scene [Mission/Solo]   Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:46 pm

A small antique shop in a small alleyway in downtown. The owner of this shop was a kind, but otherwise unremarkable middle aged man. This was one of the times she didn't like. The times she had to play the bogeyman and scare someone to death for money. But at least she didn't need to kill them, hopefully. Her client named Big M asked her to scare the owner from this little shop, apparently antique earned a lot of money. She wouldn't know unless of course it was a weapon, or a piece of armor. Or an entire set. You get the idea. Anyway, she wasn't here to look dramatically at the shop she was supposed to shake down.

And old bell rang through the door as Alice opened it and walked inside. She was just wearing a short black skirt, with long stockings. A Black shirt fitting with it, coupled with a long white coat. As soon as the door closed a magic circle appeared behind the young mage and the coat disappeared in thin air.

"Hello there, young lady. With what can I help you?" The middle aged man said as the dark mage approached the counter. This really didn't felt alright, but she had to do this to survive. didn't she? Who was she kidding, she didn't need to do this. She was just as bad as the other people in her guild, she only showed some more remorse and regret.

"Big M Sends his regards. He offers protection against... you know... accidents. Othwise I might..." She said while looking around and looking for a good treat. There was a lot of antique in this shop, but Alice was looking for something that was really fragile. "have to rack up the shop a bit." She said, looking straight into the man's eyes.

"Forget it, the answer is still no. Get out of my shop before I call the rune knights!" He shortly said, with anger in his eyes. Of course, if he did that things might get very ugly. Even then, she wasn't going to back down just because he said no once angrily.

"I think you misunderstand sir..., It's not like you have choice, if you want to stay in business that is." She said calmly not really impressed like she should be when the man threatened with Rune knights.

"Get... Out... NOW!". He almost started screaming. This was when she turned aside a bit and moved up her shirt a bit, so her pink guild mark on her right shoulder was visible. The color didn't made the mark lose it's form. It was still the mark of a dark guild, and it wasn't a forgery either. Which this man was going to find out if he didn't comply right now.

"You really think I am afraid of a few guys in metal suits? Don't even think I am. So what's it gonna be, you know what will happen if you don't comply now, don't you. You don't want to lose your... pricey collection don't you?" In fact, she was afraid of the rune knights, a little bit, but she wasn't going to let the man know that. After all, she didn't want to go to jail, or worse, be killed.

"Fi..Fine! I will pay up. That Big M Follow can come collect it if he wants. Now get out of my sight!" The man was angry that was sure, but at least this case was over without any violence. Now, of to see how her client liked that.
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PostSubject: Re: Causing a Scene [Mission/Solo]   Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:47 pm


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Causing a Scene [Mission/Solo]
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