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 Turn Up![solo]

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Nathaniel Seymour


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PostSubject: Turn Up![solo]   Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:21 am

Nathaniel was still drinking with Deneb when the bar manager came up to him speaking. He seemed to be very depressed about something or the other. He started complaining to Nathaniel who wasn’t paying very little attention until he mentioned jewels. That perked his ears he started to look at the man now he was explaining that people were disrespecting him and his club. He needed help making an example of out someone and he had heard rumors about Nathaniel's efficiency through Dante. He smiled and accepted the request with one exception he would be using Deneb as the bouncer he would continue to drink and watch from afar. He much preferred that someone else do the fighting while he re trained himself in the art of swordsmanship. Nathaniel still needed money to even get his first sword. These requests were helping him raise the jewels quicker than he would of by his own means. Deneb was now standing over at the door dressed as a bouncer Nathaniel didn’t know which man was the one who was going to be made an example of yet but he had an unspoken language with Deneb at this point. Whoever he looked at with contempt would be feeling bruises in locations unknown to them. It was a pretty average night for the bar Nathaniel had been observing it ever since he took his first request from Dante, the usual were already in drinking besides Dante. Hopefully he had taken a break after he had taken him home and wouldn’t be around for a couple of days. The manager came back out and sat with Nathaniel describing the individual who would be walking in soon. The man described was 5’10 and built like he had been in a fight or two. Granted he didn’t stand a chance against Deneb but it would still be fun to watch.
Nathaniel saw the man who fit the description and looked at the manager for confirmation. Once that was received he gave the man his look Deneb would know how to handle it from here. He didn’t even speak he just threw a punch straight at the man's shoulder blade and you could see Deneb punch again on the shoulder blade, the man started to fall to the ground in a drunken stupor. Why he came to the bar when he was already drunk Nathaniel didn’t understand but Deneb just continued to beat him into pulp. After a couple more seconds Nathaniel decided that the guy had enough and called Deneb off, he hesitated which made Nathaniel nervous he immediately returned Deneb. He would need to talk to him later and figure out what had went wrong. The manager moved back up to Nathaniel after going over and having choice words with he man on the ground. He handed Nathaniel a package presumable with jewels, either way Nathaniel had enough of this bar for a while walking out the door. This would probably be enough jewels to tide over his expensive habits at least for a while.


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Turn Up![solo]
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