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 I'll keep you like a oath [Solo]

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Nathaniel Seymour


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PostSubject: I'll keep you like a oath [Solo]   Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:53 am

After taking a drink after drink with Dante all night Nathaniel wandered home. It felt like he hadn’t even slept for more than an hour when the sun shining on his face broke his sleep. It was horrible and he even go back to sleep he was to awake now. Nathaniel decided to get a bloody Mary at the inns breakfast servings he sipped on it while thinking about his next request. He finished the bloody Mary rather quickly while looking around the inn. There were no new guests and no one seemed to be paying him attention, he was always worried that there was a hunter in the city that watched anyone who left oak. It was highly doubtful but a concern none the less, he wasn’t strong enough to defend himself in a light guild city. He started to walk out as he put his bloody Mary down looking at the sun with disdain. With a sweeping depression Nathaniel was back at the request board in the center of town. He saw Dante’s handwriting he has really gotten use to the mages solving all his problems Nathaniel thought to himself while picking it up. Not that he was really helping by always taking the request but it was easy cash. It was about bugs and his grandmother, it seemed like it was going to be interesting this time. He glanced at the address and began a walk while thinking of how he was going to get rid of bugs. He wondered how Deneb felt about bugs, hopefully well as he was the only contract that Nathaniel had.
That was when Nathaniel heard the screaming from the Dante’s House. He ran quickly inside while summoning Deneb at the same time. He looked around and the room was swarming with cockroaches. The clicking of their legs were audible to anyone who was inside the house. It sounded sinister but Nathaniel continued to be focused he started killing roaches with his shoes. It would be a pain to clean up the mess but it’d be better than having to chase a panicked old woman through the town. Deneb was killing the roaches at a much quicker rate. He danced around the room his own form of entrancing dance, he must of not liked bugs either as Nathaniel had not even spoken to him. After a couple of minutes all of the roaches were either dead or gone, the grandma was breathing slower now that the roaches had been dispersed. Nathaniel spoke to the grandma ”It is all ok now the bugs have been cleared. If you give me a couple more minutes we’ll have all the bodies gone as well. There was never anything to worry about.” He gave her his most beautiful smile hoping that nothing would be wrong with her. She smiled back and seemed fine he would start to walk her back to the bar to Dante while Deneb cleaned. “Hey Deneb if you do a horrible job cleaning then I’ll get you a drink tonight”. He smiled at Deneb after speaking hoping that he wouldn’t object too much. He didn’t seem to have too much of a problem as he went into the kitchen to try and find cleaning supplies. It didn’t seem like it would take to long to walk her back to the bar it was mostly a diversion to get Dante to go back to the house to inspect. He felt like Dante had drank a little too much in recent days and needed some time there. After arriving at the bar Nathaniel  managed to convince a drunken Dante to walk home with his grandmother. He had success, it was a fun walk back listening drunken songs. While Nathaniel just smiled and nodded along when they arrived the door was open and Deneb had cleaned the living room entirely. ”There were more than in this room but it is all cleared now. I hope you didn’t expect that much” It didn’t seem like there were any mistakes but Nathaniel had to keep a stern face to respect Deneb. Dante handed Nathaniel his award again. Nathaniel was very tired and brought Deneb to the bar to get his drink they toasted, it would be longer night.

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I'll keep you like a oath [Solo]
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