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 I can work a miracle [solo]

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Nathaniel Seymour


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PostSubject: I can work a miracle [solo]   Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:20 am

Nathaniel had just finished making one old woman happy, he was a little tired from summoning Deneb. It didn’t really matter he still needed more request so he started to walk towards the center of Magnolia. The sun hadn’t set yet but it was pretty late into the afternoon and the worker class was starting to head home. He blended in with the working class just in case anyone was following him around the city. It didn’t take long for Nathaniel to become blended in with the crowd and space out. He then remembered that he was going to the request board. He had already passed it but it wasn’t difficult to backtrack to the square. Looking at the request board a request looked vaguely familiar. He reached for it to observe it was from Dante the man that he had completed a prior request too. It called for someone to find his grandma, and a bar where to meet Dante at. Nathaniel grabbed it and started walking towards the bar knowing its location from before. Once there he met Dante and spoke to him about the issue of the request finding his grandmother. Dante seemed to be awful drunk so he started to ask around the bar if anyone had seen his grandmother. No one seemed to know or care some not even turning to look at Nathaniel as he asked questions. After going back and forth between everyone for a second time a couple started to talk. They spoke of a store that Dante’s grandma liked to visit it was called Miracle. Without even thinking twice Nathaniel rushed out to find this Miracle store. He had forgotten to ask for directions, he couldn’t believe his stupidity as he wandered aimlessly through the city. Finally he stopped to ask a policeman and he pointed Nathaniel in the right direction,  thanking him Nathaniel found the right road to walk down. He broke into a sprint to make up for lost time he didn’t want this to take too much of his day.
In front of him he saw the sign of Miracle, it was a queer looking store. Once he entered Nathaniel had to resist banging his head against the wall. There were too older woman inside and Nathaniel had no idea what Dante’s grandmother looked like. Just another problem from taking a quest inside a bar, that would always lead to murky details. He looked at both woman and spoke rather loudly, ”Excuse me I’m looking for Dante Forelli’s grandmother he is quite worried about her safety.” He hoped he didn’t come off as crazy but if this man really couldn’t find his grandmother at a store he doubted this was a real emergency. The woman on the left approached Nathaniel and acknowledged him then started to prattle off. He offered her his arm and walked her back to the bar. It was a little longer of a walk as Ms. Forelli didn’t walk as fast as Nathaniel would of liked. Once he arrived Dante scrambled to his feet and put jewels into Nathaniel’s hands thanking him. He smiled and sat down for a drink cheering Dante.

Word Count: 528/500

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I can work a miracle [solo]
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