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 Private Assassination [solo]

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Nathaniel Seymour


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PostSubject: Private Assassination [solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:45 pm

Another day another jewel! That’s the message that played in Nathaniel’s head as he walked down from bed in the Inn after a nice bath. He paid for his night’s stay as always, shuffling through his pocket for requests. He pulled one that required death, though it was not as gruesome as he thought at first glance. It only needed the death of some dog next to an old lady, he looked at where exactly this old lady lived it wasn’t a far walk maybe an hour or so. Either way Nathaniel needed the money, so he took the path less followed. Or maybe it was more followed because people were mugged there either way passing through alleyways had become a second nature to Nathaniel at this point. Once he arrived at the old lady's house the dogs bark was apparent. It was just a loud enough to make you want to pull out your significant other’s hair. Nathaniel was already annoyed and he had barely even been on the street he looked around to see if anyone would notice his summoning. There was not a creature in sight so he summoned Deneb grinning, he looked straight into his eyes and said nothing. He just walked up to the granny’s house then whispered ever so softly to Deneb. ”I would be ever so disappointed if you were to murder that dog and give new life to its music.” Deneb smiled back at Nathaniel, that was a sight for sore eyes. Nathaniel had only seen Deneb smile around 5 times since he had become his owner, he was slightly pleased by it. He then knocked on the door of the Old lady she opened up after a couple of seconds she had after all been expecting someone.
”I’m here to watch your face as…” There was a loud crack as you could hear Deneb’s fist connect with the dogs face. Then as people started to appear Nathaniel returned Deneb. Then there was amazement in the crowd as no one knew who had killed the dog and Nathaniel was standing next door so not an eye went to him. The old lady’s face went from slightly annoyed to a ear to ear smile once she heard the crack. ”Glad to be of service might I come in for a bit of tea?”  Nathaniel wanted to stay inside at least until the crowd outside died down. She agreed and he sat down on a small couch in her living room they proceeded to drink tea and chat. It was very boring for Nathaniel it dragged on endlessly she had so many things to talk about. It was like she hadn't spoken to anyone in years who could talk about so much. He heard the crowd finally start to die down outside a sign that this torture is over and his freedom was close. Smiling he continued to pretend to listen then he spoke about how late it had gotten as he started to walk outside. She mentions his reward and Nathaniel turned around he had almost forgotten. She handed him a pouch of jewels and Nathaniel thanked her for hospitably and moved out onto the street.

Word Count: 523/500
Spells Used:

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Private Assassination [solo]
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