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 The Merchants of Death [solo]

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Nathaniel Seymour


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PostSubject: The Merchants of Death [solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:45 pm

After finishing his drink in the Inn he was staying at Nathaniel looked at the handful of requests still in his pockets. He would need to do a couple more if he was going to stay in Magnolia longer the next one required him to go to some weapons factory. Walking to a part of town that he had never seen before he arrived at the Marivel factory in Magnolia. It was something strange for his eyes to see 5 men who were protesting against the factory. In Bosco protesters were turned into slaves so it was first time seeing protesters who didn’t seem afraid at all. Walking by them into the factory seemed to set off some kind of chant from the group as they threw things at Nathaniel. He didn’t flinch as a couple of objects connected on his back and head he just continued walking into the building. It didn’t take him long to find the engineer in charge and the one who had issued the request. He spoke to several others as he ushered Nathaniel to walk into his office with him. Once inside Nathaniel looked around the office had plaques and a couple pictures with different people, possibly the owners of Marivel or just companions. Either way you could tell that the Engineer had worked hard to get where he was from the certificates of promotion.”Ok as I’m sure you noticed outside we have a couple of protesters and it's all right that they’re there. What I need you to do is to make sure that they are not there soon, and no violence or no pay. Simple enough?” Nathaniel could always respect a man need to not be violent, as long as he was getting paid. Smiling Nathaniel walked out of his office without saying a word, this would be a rather simple request for him compared to the others.
He walked up to the protesters who were not throwing things to Nathaniel's face, in fact they seemed unsure as to what his motives were as he walked into talking range with the group. Nathaniel planned on doing what he did best which was lie, he looked at the men and opened his mouth ready for his speech. ”Hello there I am Nathaniel, now I was asked to kill every single one of you for opening your mouths to the Marivel organization…” He paused for effect letting his words sink into the workers who seemed to be growing angry and scared at the same time. ”However I don’t see what the bosses of Marivel see, what I see are Men who are standing up for their believes. Men who would not cower at the face of danger not quiver at the sight of violence. No! You are men who would stop at nothing to achieve your goal so I ask you this, why sit outside this factory protesting where you will cause no impact to the Marivel. When instead you could be doing something much more proactive if you all work together you could bring up the injustice of this company to the Council. Those men control Fiore if you can get their backing you can do anything you want.” Nathaniel finished his speech and the men clapped and hugged him. It was an awkward feeling for Nathaniel usually he wasn’t greeted with affection, at least not without flaunting his money, he had to keep up the act though so he hugged back. The men thanked him for his speech and left, while Nathaniel walked back into the building once they were out of eyesight. Collecting his reward he just smiled as the engineer stared at him peculiarly.


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The Merchants of Death [solo]
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