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 Home Renovation [Solo]

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Nathaniel Seymour


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PostSubject: Home Renovation [Solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:36 pm

Looking at his next request Nathaniel sighed, it was rather boring asking for help with home renovations for a couple. He started walking towards the location of the house, at least he wouldn’t need magic he thought to himself while walking. Magnolia was slowly turning dark as the sun was beginning to set. He had gone through a couple alleyways attracting looks but his mere presence was enough to scare off most petty criminals the ones who remained after that were the ones that Nathaniel would be concerned with. Luckily for him no one set upon him with malicious intent and he arrived at the house much quicker than he would have walking the safe roads. Once at the house Nathaniel knocked on the door to be met with the warm smiling faces of Mary & Gary Sue. They greeted him and told them all about what they wanted expanded to their house, their excitement was palpable they had been saving for quite some time. They didn’t have the jewels to afford a professional but they knew a couple that had hired a mage for around the same jewels they had saved.The expansion was quite simple they wanted an extra room for guests, and they had all the materials already at the house. They just needed the help of a strong mage to guide them on the project, luckily for them Nathaniel knew enough about construction from his time in Bosco. Though he wouldn’t be able to demonstrate the beauty of geometric designs that were used there he would be able to help them feel happy in their home. Walking inside he could feel the quaint home aura perpetuating throughout the house.
He asked for a ragged shirt to wear while he worked so he wouldn't damage his own it was an expensive shirt after all. They obliged and soon he had a dirty shirt with paint smudged on it while he looked around at all the materials he had. The couple had already drafted a plan so Nathaniel didn’t have to, he started to break ground to set the foundation for the house. This would be the most grueling in his opinion of the work the couple watched and had brought lamps out so he could see what he was doing, though the lights in the street of Magnolia also helped. After a couple of hours Nathaniel had finished that but it was too late for him to continue working tonight, he wished the couple a good night and told them he would be back in the morning. He slept in the ragged shirt he was tired and too lazy to take a shower.
He woke up in the morning headed straight to the couple's house he wanted to finish this room today if possible. He greeted the couple good morning then started to work on constructing the additional room. It was times like these that he wished he had a spirit who could cut, or at least some kind of magical tool. Instead all he had was his work ethic as he continued for a couple of hours setting up the walls and windows before he started the roof. After a couple of hours setting up the roof he went to the couple  happy at his work, while it was not a masterpiece it did look well done. The couple helped him pick out which paints to use as he showed them the room. It wasn’t hard to paint, that was something that Nathaniel could do in his sleep. After finishing the paint job the room was done. The couple looked ecstatic and handed Nathaniel his reward as he smiled and headed back to the Inn for a drink.

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Home Renovation [Solo]
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