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 I can move mountains [Solo]

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Nathaniel Seymour


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PostSubject: I can move mountains [Solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:14 pm

Magnolia was an interesting town for Nathaniel he had many great experiences in the few days he had spent here. He had met mages from other guilds who had no idea he was in Phantom Lord a well kept secret for him. It was today when he woke up in his hotel that he realized that his funds were quickly depleting and without jewels he was nothing. He walked outside the hotel after preparing for the day the sun was hidden beneath clouds. Walking to the center of the town he spied his goal, the request board sat there filled with different jobs. That was probably the best part of being a mage the amount of requests available even for those without a guild were numerous. He walked up to the board grabbing a couple requests, he would need more than one to get some jewels. The first he spied was asking for help in retrieving a mountain figurine. He set off to meet with this Dante who had more information about his request. Walking across town was slowly losing his appeal now that he had work to do, all the luxurious spots seemed to be tempting Nathaniel as he walked by. After a couple minutes of walking Nathaniel finally found Dante’s house, it wasn’t the greatest just a simple 3 bedroom, he knocked on the door looking around just in case Dante was in the back.
Opening the door was a man who looked like he had too much the night before. Burping Dante told Nathaniel about all the local thrift stores in Magnolia and handed him 400 jewels to buy the figurine. This is where the real fun would begin Nathaniel summoned Deneb and smiled at him while speaking simultaneously. ”Hey Deneb I don’t need you for anything especially not looking for this Mountain Figurine at these thrift stores” Nathaniel indicated to the request where he had written all the information about the thrift stores and a picture of the figurine. Deneb just looked at everything and with his usual melancholy attitude sprinted off towards a store, hopefully Nathaniel wouldn’t go to the same one. Nathaniel loved Deneb despite his nihilistic attitude, even after he gained more keys Deneb would remain his favorite. Whistling while walking down the street Nathaniel entered into the first thrift store; Despots Desperations a weird name but it was on the list. Walking up and down the aisles he didn’t see anything that remotely looked like the Mountain figurine, there was an attendant who kept staring as he walked through. Which was weird as Nathaniel didn’t think he looked like a thief, either way he walked out of this store disappointed after a couple minutes of perusing.
The next couple of stores didn’t fare better for Nathaniel as he endlessly walked down aisles. He was starting to lose hope when he saw Deneb appear in front of him, he would of forgotten he summoned Deneb at all if not for the constant pull of his energy keeping him sustained in the physical world. ”Hello I found it, follow me.” Deneb was the kind of spirit who thoughts words like life were a waste of time so he often spoke curtly. Following him Nathaniel sees an old lady who had the exact figurine in her hands that he needed. ”My lady please if I may take a moment of your time,” he approached the woman while still speaking smiling gently at her.”My father is on his deathbed and I have spent years looking for our grandfather’s figurine, it was a family heirloom until my brother sold it behind our backs for his addiction. Is there any way I could have it so I may let my father leave this world on a better note.” The old lady seemed to be a tad moved and handed over the figurine while smiling back at Nathaniel praising him for being such a dutiful son. Buying the figurine was a breeze and he met back with Dante at the pub that his Inn was very close to. On the way he parted with Deneb telling him that they were do for training soon. He handed the figurine over to Dante received his money and looked at his next request he was to take.

Word Count: 717/500
Magic Used:

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I can move mountains [Solo]
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