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 Protestor in Disguise [Job Solo]

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PostSubject: Protestor in Disguise [Job Solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:11 am

Raiken was once bored, and decided to take another job. These jobs had filled his life with excitement; he couldn’t wait for the next job. “Alright, alright, let’s see what we got here… protest? Sounds cool to me!” he said with an eagerly expression. Rengoku, on the other side, was feeling disappointed. “Just a protest? Seriously, I thought that these jobs would be more fitting for the host of me.” he replied with a sigh. This wasn’t much exciting for him. “Well, at least I’ll protest; that’s some kind of exciting.” Raiken said. Exciting or not; it was a job, and he would finish that job as smooth as possible.

He stood in front of the Marivel Heavy Industries building, where the requester, called Derrick Raven, commanded him to go and protest in front of them. There was some other protestors at the place; men, women and even small children were running around and throwing stones at the workers. “Okay, I just have to blend in and begin to protest, in order to test their reaction.” Raiken told Rengoku, who didn’t have much to do right now, “Alright… ehh, this sucks!” He began shouting out at the building, causing some workers to catch an eye on him too. “You suck at this! Get down with you!” To be honest, he didn’t even know what they were working with; he just stood there and protested as good as he could. One of the workers even went down to him and said: “If you think that we suck so much, then you should work with this yourself!”, leaving after a spit on Raiken’s face. That really pissed him off, but the job was to get information, not to fight. As much as it annoyed him, he couldn’t get into battle, but just stand there and protest. They seemed to take it pretty easy; they didn’t even bother the stones being thrown at them. It was very weird and he tried to remember this, in order to tell the requester about it later. “Come on, you’re all nuts!” he began to speak up again, causing them to get annoyed by him. Somehow, he got their attention despite the hundreds of other people who protested before him. Some of them went down to him. He thought that he pushed the button, but they didn’t seem to want any battle. They simply gave him the finger and walked away. “That’s just childish, guys! Realy?!” he replied to them, making their heads turn around towards him. They really didn’t want to get all violent; it wouldn’t be good for the company. Raiken, though, was at the top of the world. “Come and get me, if you dare!” he shouted, causing Rengoku to remind him of the task. “You were only supposed to test their limits, not to go beyond them!” he commented, making Raiken stop shouting.
After a while of watching, Raiken had gotten information enough about their reactions and decided to turn back to the requester.

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Protestor in Disguise [Job Solo]
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