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 Gooo, Raiken! [Job Solo]

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PostSubject: Gooo, Raiken! [Job Solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:51 am

Raiken was about to take a new job, again. This time, he was going to disguise as a wrestler and to fight in a wrestling league. “I’m going to fight this time, Rengoku,” he said with an eagerly tone, “Aren’t you excited?” “Of course, I am! You’re finally going to fight!” Rengoku answered gladly, “At last, you can improve yourself as my host!” Raiken haven’t told him that he was going to fight without magic, but he decided to avoid telling Rengoku about it. That would just rip off all the excitement that he had right now. And that would be bad.

He met up at the wrestling place and got to see many wrestlers, all non-mages. The reason that he was requested for this mission was to reveal a cheater, who used a strength-increasing magic in secret, while fighting other wrestlers. And he wasn’t going to use magic against this guy. “Well, Rengoku… we need a name,” Raiken said. He was wearing some yellow, fancy shorts and a pair of martial gi shoes, “What about the Crimson Wrecker?” “I don’t care; but it sounds like a great name! Just smack them all!” Rengoku replied wildly. Raiken was happy to see him so happy. “I will! Oh, by the way… I’m not supposed to use magic here,” Raiken told him. Rengoku went silent for a long moment, then expressed: “Well, at least you can show me how strong, you really are. So go out there, fight!” Well, it seemed that Rengoku didn’t care at all, so Raiken rolled with it. When it was his turn to fight the Champion, who was a cheater in secret, his blood was rushing with excitement. The Champion haven’t seen Raiken before, but said: “Are you ready to lose? Don’t worry, it’ll end fast.” Raiken simply smiled and lifted up his hand, standing in a strange wrestling-pose. “Come at me, guy!” he spoke out, “Show me, what you’re made of!” The Champion grinned and rushed towards Raiken, landing a blow towards his head. However, Raiken had grabbed it easily. Somehow, Raiken was pretty strong on his own. It was easy to see that move coming. “Too slow,” he said calmly, “Do you have more?” The Champion was getting pissed and landed a kick on his knee, which was lifted upwards to block that. Raiken simply pushed him away with a great force, causing the Champion to lose balance for a mere moment. “This… is easier than I thought, Rengoku,” he told the crimson deity inside of him, “Want me to end it now?” “An uppercut, right to the chin should be enough,” Rengoku replied with an invisible smile. Raiken charged towards the Champion, who tried to evade by moving down. However, Raiken’s fist was coming from down below, landing on his chin earlier than if the Champion stood still. The force of the hit caused the guy to fly out of the ring, knocked out. Raiken was happy to win and the other wrestlers were quite shocked.

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Gooo, Raiken! [Job Solo]
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