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 Swamped Madness [Job Solo]

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PostSubject: Swamped Madness [Job Solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:44 am

Raiken was taking another job, right after he got back from the last. “Let’s take a more calm job this time, Rengoku,” he said, looking at all the requests. Sometime, he spotted an ad from a local restaurant that needed some extra hands, now that it was holiday. “… Please, don’t,” Rengoku replied, “Can’t you… take another, more exciting job?” “Nah, I’ll take this one! Come on, Rengoku, jobs aren’t always about fighting,” Raiken replied.
He found himself at the entrance to the restaurant, and yeah, there was a lot of customers around here. “Woah… now I get that they need helpers,” Raiken expressed with surprise. Rengoku was a bit pissed. “Why’d you take this request?” he asked with a sight of boredom. Raiken glanced at him and entered the restaurant, walking through the many, many customers and arriving at the staff room. He met the owner and talked to him about the problem. He agreed on helping and began asking people what they desired to eat. He was pretty much working as a waiter of some kind. With a cloth on his arm, which was very classic for waiters, he asked many people and wrote down their orders on a piece of paper. “Okay, you need this and this… hmm, alright, they will serve it to you soon,” he replied, before leaving tables to address other customers.
However, it became more difficult, as time passed. More and more customers arrived and began ordering this and that. It was very tough for Raiken to reach out to all these customers around him. “Woah, calm down, it’ll arrive soon,” he said to someone and he also addressed others: “Excuse me, you don’t need to rush. Tell me what you want to eat.” And as time passed, things got worse. People were beginning to get annoyed, as they turned more and more impatient, and in the end, there started a fight between two customers. This was bad; the restaurant didn't tolerate fights, of course. Raiken was quick to figure out a solution and went towards them both. His hand was transformed into the powerful hand of Rengoku. He was pointing at them both, making them sit down slowly. Their fighting spirit was gone, as they looked at that frightful aura around Raiken’s transformed hand. “No fight here, or would you prefer being thrown out?” he addressed them with harshness in his voice. “You know, I really want to shoot you right now,” Rengoku suddenly said, causing the two guys to shiver. “Wait, did your hand just..?” one of them asked. “Yeah, would you like to talk to him?” Raiken replied, causing him to shut up for once. The fight was ended and nothing happened, thanks to him.
After the job was over, Raiken was pretty much done. He’d asked and served for so many people that he couldn’t move his fingers anymore. But of course, he didn’ do it freely. He got paid, as agreed, and didn’t regret working here. But he wouldn’t work here again, though…

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Swamped Madness [Job Solo]
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