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 Lost Doggy Out There [Job Solo]

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PostSubject: Lost Doggy Out There [Job Solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:40 am

Raiken was going to take another quest; this time, he was going to find a lost puppy. “Are you just going to find a lost puppy? Seriously?” Rengoku asked him. Raiken didn’t really bother doing the job. “Well, it’s a great opportunity to help others, Rengoku,” he answered. “But you know, you can help more, if the job is more… intense,” Rengoku replied. Raiken ignored him and took the request. He was going to find that puppy and bring it back home.
He started outside, looking everywhere. He checked the bushes, dumpsters and other places, where the dog could appear to be. But no luck was approaching him this time; the dog wasn’t near him. He needed to check the entire town to find it. So he started by moving towards the center of the town and check there. He looked around the stores, buildings, even at the roofs, but he couldn’t spot the dog. “Maybe it’s lost outside the town,” Raiken told Rengoku, “We could try and search there.” Rengoku, though, was disagreeing. “Nah, let’s try and search around the town first. Then, if it’s not here, we can search elsewhere,” he replied. Raiken agreed and jumped down the roof, moving across the streets. He looked around carefully, hoping to spot the dog, but no luck. He remembered how it’s appearance was on the poster; brown, with dark dots and a red nose. He tried to look around, but no dog with red nose and dark fur.

Time passed, and eventually, he had checked the entire town. “Huh… it seems that it’s not here,” Raiken said, “Let’s try and look at the outskirts.” “Alright. I hope that it’s in danger, so we can fight someone,” Rengoku expressed with a bored tone. He was bored, again. Just as always, or mostly. Raiken, though, was totally serious about this dog; he needed to find it, no matter what. So he headed towards the outskirts. While he moved through the town, he looked around to try and spot the dog, but in vain. “Hm… hey, is that..?” Raiken suddenly said and moved towards a corner between two houses. In that corner, there was a little dog with brown fur and a red nose. “There! That’s it!” Raiken spoke up and moved towards it, “Over here, buddy. Your owner misses you.” The dog simply ran away, causing Raiken to run after it. “Hey, come back! You need to go back to your friend!” he spoke up, as he charged towards it. It ran out of the inner town and into the farms, where it tried to hide itself in the haystacks. But Raiken had already spotted it and grabbed it quickly. “Gotcha!” he shouted and managed to bring it along with him, “Now, let’s get you back to your little friend, shall we?” Rengoku was relieved that it was over. “Next time, please take a better job,” he said, “This was just a waste of time. The boy could’ve found the dog himself, I mean seriously.”

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Lost Doggy Out There [Job Solo]
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