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 Tavern Waiter [Job Solo]

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PostSubject: Tavern Waiter [Job Solo]   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:34 am

Raiken was going on another job this time; unfortunately, he didn’t keep Rengoku’s promise about taking a more interesting job. This time, he was requested to take the night shift at a tavern, while the original waitress was on maternity leave. “Seriously!?” Rengoku shouted out, “This is just like the restaurant last time!!!” Raiken had taken this quest, because that he wanted to help out as much as possible. Besides, the restaurant from before was the only place that he didn’t want to work on again; especially not in holidays. He didn’t say anything about other places.

He arrived at the tavern and went inside, meeting the staff and the proprietor of the tavern. He talked a bit with him and agreed that Raiken should take the night shift, as he was going to address and serve for the customers, who were coming at nighttime. It sounded… fairly simple, so Raiken had nothing to be afraid of. He started wearing the staff’s suit and began waiting for customers to arrive. The first ones that he waited was a nice, newly wedded pair. They were going to sleep here tonight, and who knows what other things, they had planned to do. Raiken was feeling a bit flustered by the mere thought. “I don’t think that you should think about that,” Rengoku told him, causing him to shake his head and wait for the next ones. It was an elder man and his son, or grandson, who were going to hold a father-son party by drinking. The boy just got into the age, where it was legal to drink, and the father seemed to have been very excited to let his son drink for the first time. They asked for two glasses of whisky and Raiken delivered it quickly. While they were partying their drinking party, Raiken began waiting other people, who had appeared. Something asked him, why so many people arrived at the tavern so late. It was pretty unusual for him. However, he wasn’t giving up and tried to wait them as professional as possible. They weren’t going to wait for long, until their orders had arrived. Raiken was beginning to shake; this was about to turn difficult, just like at the restaurant. But he kept his mind cool and forgot that. At least, there weren’t any battles.

He was going to wait some other guys, when two males arrived. They were both pretty drunk already and swayed from the right to the left, causing stuff to fall down from the tables. Raiken saw that they weren’t good customers and asked them to leave. One of them suddenly planted a fist towards Raiken’s head, but he grabbed it like nothing and kicked him out. The other man just looked at him and laughed a bit, then turned towards the other and laughed like crazy. “Why are there always fights like these in all the restaurants, I am in..?” Raiken asked himself.

Time went, and Raiken was done with his job. However, he was too tired to go home, so he got to sleep at the tavern, for free, due to his help.

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Tavern Waiter [Job Solo]
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