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 Rumble in the Jungle

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PostSubject: Rumble in the Jungle   Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:13 pm

"And now, to defeat our main champion! Give some love to our new fighter! Directly from the country of Veronica. Viper!!!"
The crowd went loud after this quick introduction, but instead of the friendly greeting the referee asked for, the people attacked Hiroko with insults and even some objects they threw at him. Who didn't love their actual champion after all right? Hiroko ran towards the ring and jumped in to face the man he would defeat. Hiroko was wearing a white mask and a tight bottom, just as a wrestlers would. He prepared himself as he looked at the enemy. The champion, also known as the boulder, looked at Hiroko and stretched his hand. "Nice to meet you, good luck in this fight." Hiroko smiled at such a friendly coment and reached the Boulder's hand. But before he could say anything, he was interrupted by the man, pulling him and throwing him towards the ground after being raised about a meter from the ground. The hit was painful for Hiroko, but it was nothing he couldn't take. Hiroko got up and saw a laughing smile on his enemy. "Sorry dude, that's how it is." Said the champion and then attempted to tackle Hiroko. The white masked wrestler jumped in order to avoid the attack and landed in the enemy's back, kicking him towards the ring's ropes and making him bounce back towards him. He then kicked the champion in the feet to have him fall and quickly moved up the corner of the ring. The Boulder was just getting up when Hiroko jumped towards him in order to land with his stomach above the enemy.

The boulder was slammed against the floor but quickly got up and grabbed Hiroko from behind to knock him with a german suplex. With each hit, the crowed got up to chear and show their excitement for the fight. After such a suplex, Hiroko stood up and faced his rival again. He wasn't even sure how to fight, but if watching people wrestle wasn't enough, he was doomed. He wasn't even sure if his move was gonna work, but he jumped towards his enemy and threw his feet towards him. By performing an urracarrana, the enemy was thrown towards the ropes again. He landed with his chest between the second and third rope. Hiroko then ran towards him and used the ropes and a highly difficult park our move to swing between both ropes and land with his feet on the enemy's face. As the man stood up in pain, Hiroko jumped from the ropes and landed with his belly on the enemy's chest, pinning him down and defeating this guy. The referee quickly counted the three seconds on the ground and declared Hiroko as winner. The crowd went crazy, but it didn't last long before Hiroko took the microphone and revealed the man's cheat. It was a long speech, and it was more than enough to convince people about it. Hiroko became the champion and the man was kicked from his job.

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Rumble in the Jungle
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