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 Swamped Diner (Job/Solo)

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PostSubject: Swamped Diner (Job/Solo)   Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:22 pm

Ami never thought that she would be going back to being a waitress again. However she was proved wrong. A local restaurant asked for help in serving the customers due to the large onslaught of customers that were drawn in due to the recent advertising they had done. She wasn't exactly thrilled to take this job in fear of meeting very pushy customers however just as long as she was paid. She began to head to the restaurant around nine in the morning, right before their lunch rush hour. It took her half an hour before she arrived at the location however but she still came just in time.

Upon arriving at the restaurant she was greeted by the staff and the manager came and thanked her many times for taking this job. She simply shrugged it of before she was given a brief tour of the restaurant and a quick tutorial on how to do her job. When she began to show her skill as a waitresses she was greeted with several stares before someone asked whether she was a natural or had some experience. Ami admitted she had some experience which gave the staff of the restaurant a small chuckle.

However the light hearted mood was interrupted when the lunch rush hour started. It didn't take long before all the tables in the restaurant were jammed and a large line stretched outside the door as customers yearned to take their place on a table and eat a meal. Ami was constantly carrying out many platters of food. She was completely overwhelmed. She was constantly moving around the restaurant. Around two hours at the rush started Ami swore she memorized the interior of the restaurant by memory. She hoped that the flood of customers would ease up but it only seemed to get busier.

When she was given a short break around four hours into the rush, she treasured it. It gave her the chance to finally breath for the first time since the rush started. When her break was up, she was sad however she simply shook her head and went back to work. However things got slightly easier from then on. As the lunch rush came to a close there were slightly less work for her to do. However it didn't take too long before the restaurant was once again jammed packed. The impossible happened when Ami became busier than she was at the lunch rush. Now that it was dinner rush Ami was hit with orders to deliver from everywhere.

For the next few hours Ami worked as hard as she could. At some points she wanted to break down and cry however she ignored her desire to sob. Finally when the clock turned eight, she was allowed to leave. Ami never felt happier to finish a job. She was about to collapse at the end of her shift. She was paid and she left the restaurant. At that moment she swore never to take a waitressing job again although a small smile appeared on her face. It wouldn't be long before her resolve was broken.

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Swamped Diner (Job/Solo)
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