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 Dominion of Kings - Event / Plot Rules

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Kazuki Kobayashi


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PostSubject: Dominion of Kings - Event / Plot Rules   Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:42 pm

The Frostbloods have made their move

With plot officially kicking off, it's time to lay down the rules for what you can and cannot do during this plot!

Lay it on me Koba!

  1. You may partake in any topic that has [Event] labeled on it, but only if you are not already in one.
  2. You may IGNORE the travel rules when posting in an [Event] topic. That means that if you are in Magnolia, you may post in an [Event] topic in Balsam, without the need to travel.
  3. ALL NPCs will scale. The rank on their profile is just the max they scale TO. Meaning if you are a C Rank, and you fight against an NPC who's rank is S Rank...they will be C Rank. If multiple people are fighting in that thread, their attacks will be targeted to those of appropriate rank. If you're fighting alongside an S Rank, the NPC will never target you with an S Rank ability.
  4. You must have fun!
  5. Again, you can NOT double dip--if you join an [Event] thread in Magnolia, you CAN NOT join an [Event] thread anywhere else, you are locked to Magnolia. At least until the thread is closed.
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Dominion of Kings - Event / Plot Rules
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