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 Swamped Diner

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PostSubject: Swamped Diner   Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:56 pm

"These are for table two and five. Take them quickly please." Said the chef as he handed the first dishes to Hiroko. He took them and moved towards the first tables. After delivering them he went back to the kitchen. He wasn't very useful there at the moment, he had to start to take his tables and customers. That was his job as a waiter after all. He went to the main entrance and just waited for instructions. He really didn't know how things worked in those places, so he would just play it safe for now. A little family entered the restaurant. Hiroko took them to their place and introduced himself ass their waiter for the night. They were four people, the parents and a pair of kids. He read the specials of the night for them and went back to the door. Those were of course not his only group. As some others showed up, he took them to their place and did the same routine with them to let them think what dishes were they having. He went back to his first table and asked for their orders. He wrote down about 6 dishes and 4 drinks. It would've been kind of difficult to remember them, but it wasn't impossible either. He ran to the kitchen and placed his order.

This system was already becoming familiar to him, it wasn't that complicated, specially for a mage like him who has specialized in speed his whole life. Anyway, he kept moving dishes around and placing people in their respective places, nothing too complicated. The hours passed quickly for him, he was actually having some fun and he had already received some money from his groups. He went to the entry and heard something which actually was kind of re-comfortable to hear. "Hey Trajada, I think we'll have no more customers, these you see now are the last ones." Said the guy who was suppose to hang all coats. Hiroko then decided to rush to the kitchen to see what he could do. He took some dishes, dessert and stuff to some tables and finished his job as a waiter after a while. It was something he actually enjoyed, but he wouldn't do it again.

Anyway, after the last customer walked out the door, he closed the door and moved towards the kitchen. No more people in the dinning hall, but there was still some work to do. Hiroko was told to go and wash some dishes and so he did. He was lots of dishes. Some of them were already washed but some others weren't. The good thing was Hiroko was fast at most things, so he quickly got his job done. Some other waiters like him, who didn't even work there but were working that night, were cleaning the floors and stuff. It wasn't the most fun job, but it was well payed anyway, so who cared. When Hiroko finished, he just left the dishes, asked for his money and left.

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Swamped Diner
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