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 The Dragon, The Maiden, and No Knight? { Training || Bando }

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PostSubject: The Dragon, The Maiden, and No Knight? { Training || Bando }   Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:34 pm


The wind pulled at the ends of her long hair as she stood on the edge overlooking the mountain side. Tyriel appreciated the view as the sun hung over head. Today she placed herself in the forest just outside Balsam. That way, she could commune with nature a little more and not worry about the onlookers that judge the way she used her magic.
However... she wasn't alone. She brought along her most treasured friend, their relationship being an odd one; The meeting between them overall was by slight chance.

Tyriel turned away from the cliff and back into the clearing where she spun on her toes in a mid stretch. It was like watching a ballerina in a battle outfit.
If that is what you would call it.
More or less she just wore a polyester and stretchy cotton zip up jumpsuit and wrapped fabric around her shins and arms.
She figured this would allow her better movement while practicing some new spells.

She subtly held her hands out in front of her and soon soft green buds appeared from seeds she carried in her palms. At least, with her magic, she could cause no harm to nature that already existed, that was... unless she aided in their death.
With that, Tyriel watched as flowers bloomed... and fell.

She thought back to her job with Knuckles and frowned, she felt so useless. Not only could she not adequately keep up with him, she required that he saved her. How was she to help her friends? Is there some way that nature can provide her with a way to air her fellow guildmates when its needed?
Tyriel bit her bottom lip and thought for a moment looking up at the sky. Then something floated down from the trees, puffy white cotton from the nearby cotton tree.
She smiled, as she figured out just what to do.

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The Dragon, The Maiden, and No Knight? { Training || Bando }
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