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 Visiting The Fairies (Open to FT members)

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Sangoran Hino


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PostSubject: Visiting The Fairies (Open to FT members)   Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:07 am

The cold winter air made the sight of an exhaled breath seem like a puff of smoke. The crunching of the light layer of snow underneath a pair of boots had seemed to be rather pleasant to hear no less. Magnolia seemed to be a little more pleasant than he had first come to think of the place what with how freestyle some guilds could be with their members. With that aside, the idea of just being able to step away from the guild was one thing, but now with the thought of visiting another guild for the hopes of refreshing an alliance between the two guilds was something Sango felt needed to be done. Of course, being only a support mage himself, there was more of a need than one would think of having someone to rely on that could do more than he could, though even in that respect he wouldn't dare grovel to someone for their support. If anyone would be displeased with it, it would be the goddess of all beings. There would be more honor in being slaughtered then to beg, and in such a case he would want nothing less than to have that exact thing happen.

The pink haired male stood facing the guild hall front now, a little impressed by the castle like appearance that they had. Truthfully, it had been his first time to any other guild even to see them in his passing through as well. Though, if the inside was nothing like it then... well it wouldn't go well with the first soul to enter his sight. Of course, just like his own guild there was no real saying that there were no more unique types of people. Unfortunately for them, he was highly judgmental of people because of his upbringing and it wouldn't go unheard in the slightest from his face most likely. His thoughts though most likely going to stay withheld in his head until he --Or Thorn decide to blurt them out. No matter how the outcome would turn out, Sango was determined today to get what he came for and if all would end well, leave with more than he came for, but all of that rested on the Fairies heads.

(Sorry, intros aren't my thing.. ehehe ^^;; )

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PostSubject: Re: Visiting The Fairies (Open to FT members)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:18 pm

"Man, today is boring.", Zero said as he laid on a table.He didn't see any jobs he liked and it was snowing outside so he couldn't go out. He thought about buying winter clothes; though he was also a bit stingy on stuff like clothes and accessories."I don't care what happens; just something please happen in the guild", Zero said as he got up off the table.He then noticed someone at the front of the guild. "Yay, Social Activity!", Zero said as he ran towards the entrance.

OOC Note: Im sorry if bad my brain is fried. Also props if get the reference and am I only one hating on new codeless stuff?
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Visiting The Fairies (Open to FT members)
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