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 Working As A Painter [Job, Private]

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PostSubject: Working As A Painter [Job, Private]   Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:54 am

Raiken had taken a new request, this time a little easier than the last. He was going to help with some other mages to paint out the guild hall in Magnolia, Fairytail. The building was getting weathered and they needed some help, so he requested to help. It would be a first-time to visit a guild hall; he didn’t belong to any guilds yet, and he wanted to see how a guild was like. Like mostly, Rengoku was dissatisfied. “Are we just going to paint a house? This is despicable.” he commented with a grunt. He really didn’t like the idea. “Oh, come on Rengoku! You’re always complaining, just try and relax…” Raiken replied to him. But he wasn’t disagreeing with Rengoku; he was more of a battleaxe than a worker, but in the end, he would still be paid the same. Even though money wasn’t the most important in his life, he needed it now that he was alone.

Before he realized it, he found himself in the guild hall of Fairytail. It was packed with working people and paint as far as the eye could reach. He walked around, knowing nothing of this place, nor the people. The mages around him simply looked at him with curiosity, and a bit distrust. He wasn’t a mage of Fairytail; who knows, he could’ve been a spy from a dark guild or something. He gives the Guild Master a sidelong glance and arrives before him. “Hey.” he quickly greeted and handed over the request paper, “I see that you need some help.” The Guild Master smiled and followed him to a corner, where two other guys were painting. Then, the Guild Master walked away, leaving a bucket of paint and a brush with Raiken. “Hm…” Raiken hummed a bit and took the brush, beginning to paint the wall with the other guys.

After a while, Raiken had paint all over himself. His clothes were red and blue and his brush was invisible in front of the newly painted wall. Rengoku appeared on his hand. “So, how is it going with the part-time job?” he asked mockingly. Raiken couldn’t do anything but laugh. “You see, this is actually good training.” he said, making Rengoku confused. “I know that moving is a kind of training too, don’t try to fool me. I meant real training.” he replied. Raiken shut his mouth, then. The other guys heard the voice from him, as well as watched him talk to “himself”. “Wait, what’s happening, dude? Is some kind of ghost talking to you?” one of them asked. The other slapped his pate with a grin and laughed: “Come on, Cyle, let’s just continue! Let him speak to his fantasy girlfriend in peace!” Raiken was getting a bit annoyed and felt very awkward, trying to look away and continuing the work.

After another while, the job was done. The wall was painted, and so was everything else. Raiken had gotten the paidment from the Guild Master and headed out with a sight of relief.

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Working As A Painter [Job, Private]
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