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 Merchants of Death (Part 4, A)

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PostSubject: Merchants of Death (Part 4, A)   Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:44 am

Name: The Merchants of Death pt 4
Rank: A
Client: President Albert Marivel (CEO of Marivel Heavy Industries)
Target: Incapacitate the Steel Dragon Unit
Reward: 4500 EXP & 15000J (Mission failed if Unit is Destroyed)
Details:  May only be started after completion of The Merchants of Death pt 3.  If a neutral mage has already accepted Takedown of the Merchants of Death pt 1, then they may not take on this job.

We have gathered plenty of data on the Steel Dragon after your skillful use of it in Shirotsume Town and will be working on a Test-Type model.  We need to keep this all quiet.  We can't let the Magic Council know about what we are doing here.  To be honest, we intend on selling these units to the highest bidder and.  Oh crap!  *Alert sounds throughout the facility*  We have intruders and it looks like they are gunning for the Steel Dragon that you used a while back.  

We'll pay you but please hurry!  When you get here, you will encounter a mage inside of the Steel Dragon.  You already know how much of a threat that thing is.  In case you have forgotten it's specs, here they are:

Steel Dragon Specs:
Do not, I repeat, do not destroy the Steel Dragon.  All we need from you is to incapacitate it for a moment so we can hit the kill switch.  Once we do that, we can also filter out the oxygen from within the unit, killing the pilot inside.   Don't worry, the unit's Magic Drive has been taken out so you don't have to worry about magic.  But keep an eye on that rail gun!   Remember, do not destroy that unit!
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Merchants of Death (Part 4, A)
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