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 What to Expect in 2016!!!

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PostSubject: What to Expect in 2016!!!   Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:29 am

Attention members of FTU! All i can say is Happy Upcoming New Year! Being a new site, we are excited to tell you what we will be bringing New to the site! 2016 is going to be an exciting year for members as you now look forward to :

- Expanded Limited Magic Slots!

- An Implemented Bounty System that allows exp for the capture of dark mages that had built up a bad reputation.

- You can now RP as a Rune Knight!

- Look forward to applying for Wizard Saint and Magic Council positions!

- Pet Shop! Where you can purchase a pet for your character!

- Air Ships!

- Grand Magic Games!

- Unison Raid rules will be established

- Of the Months! Character of the Month, Couple of the Month, Thread of the Month

- WC Increase of jobs shared between members

- New items to be purchased in shops!

- New rewards for creating jobs!

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What to Expect in 2016!!!
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