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 The Arm of The Law [Job/Private]

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PostSubject: The Arm of The Law [Job/Private]   Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:32 am

As Raiken had just started doing jobs, the daily way for a wizard to earn money and to grow stronger, he decided to step up. It was a bit more different this time; he was going to accompany an officer in his patrol around town. His partner had been sick and he needed a kind of duplicate, and a wizard would be the finest decision as his partner this once. Raiken had been very excited to patrol with the officer, and maybe, helping him stopping some crime today. Rengoku was also quite interested in this; it would be a good chance for Raiken to show, what he was capable of with the power of the deity that was inside of him.

The officer was waiting for him at the road. He was wearing a fine, little fedora, along with his dark-blue officer suit. He was holding a stick, a kind of baton, on his belt. Along with him was two horses with saddles, leather ties and the local town’s symbol on the side. He looked up at Raiken, when he arrived, and grinned. “So, are you ready to secure this town with me, boy?” he asked with a rough grin. Raiken nodded and said: “Yes, sir!” “We’re so ready.” Rengoku commented out in the blue air. The officer got a very surprised expression, due to the fact that Raiken didn’t open his mouth or anything; yet, he heard a voice from him. “Ehm, is someone with you, boy?” he curiously asked him, but Raiken smiled a bit and answered: “It’s just Rengoku; this guy.” while lifting up his hand, showing the green light that was emerging from it. “Greetings, officer?” Rengoku friendly greeted him. The officer was quite impressed. “So that’s your magic, huh? Well, I hope that it’s fit for trouble. Let’s go!”

And so, they went off, riding across the streets. The officer didn’t tell Raiken about where they were heading to, he simply commanded him to follow. Now that there had gone a while, Raiken was getting a bit bored, but that boredom vanished, as they finally stopped up. They arrived at the outskirt of the town. There weren’t many buildings here and you could look all the way to the center of the town from here. “So… what’s the move?” Raiken asked the officer, who bridled his horse. “I’ve gotten a request about some “bad guys” smuggling means out of the town in secret.” He replied, as he quickly moved towards one of the houses nearby. Raiken followed him step by step, as he began to speak more quiet: “My partner told me that they use to smuggle those resources here.” He put his ear on the wall, trying to listen of there was anyone, “I can hear them. Try and find a hole, where you can see their doings.” Raiken quickly walked away to do what he was told to. The building was quite old, there must’ve been some secret holes. “Can’t we just blow up the entire house?” Rengoku boredly asked him. “What? No way, we can’t do that! That’s insane!” Raiken replied shockingly. What was Rengoku thinking about? He didn’t have the power to blow anything up; besides, it wasn’t worth it. A while after that conversation, Raiken found something; a secret passage to the inside of the building. He began to think if he should enter it, when two guys approached him with a giant sack. “Oh, crap!” he quietly said to himself and jumped down the hole.

He shook off the dust on his head and looked up. Luckily, the guys seemed not to notice or see him at all. What about the officer?, Raiken thought, but Rengoku said: “Forget the officer; he’s strong enough to take care of his own. Besides, if he’s trapped or something, then you should hurry up and look!” Raiken had no other choice but to climb up the dirt and arrive at a spot, inside the building. The officer wasn’t present, so that was a relief. “Okay, what now?” Raiken asked Rengoku, who seemed to have complete control over the situation. "Try and watch." Rengoku replied. He looked around the area; there was sacks, sacks and more sacks. The guys who were smuggling this had dark ropes and met up with the two guys from outside; the ones that Raiken almost got spotted by. They had their sack with them and delivered it to the others. “Did anyone see you on the way?” one of the guy asked the two new. “No, no one even paid attention.” They answered and moved over to a corner, close to where Raiken was. “Now..!” he said and jumped up slowly, approaching the two persons. They quickly looked around and spotted Raiken, trying to sneak up to them. “Hey, who are you?!” they shouted, causing everyone else inside to look at him. Ohhhh, why..?, he thought, standing there like an idiot. But before they even got to stand up, the officer jumped in, pulling out his baton and shouting: “Freeze, everyone! This is an arrestment!” The people around began to go crazy and attack the officer, who surprisingly handled them pretty easily. Raiken was also attacked by the two guys and transformed his hand. “Let’s go, Rengoku!” he said and launched a quick punch on one of them, then swinging the back of his clenched fist to the other, knocking them away. They were kind of astonished, but tried to attack again. Raiken moved his hand towards them and a green, shiny light was shown. “Take this!” he spoke out, launching a bolt of green light towards them. It passed their heads by centimeters and continued across the room, through the wall and turning into dust again. The two persons in front of Raiken were shocked and unable to move. Meanwhile, the others were taken care by the officer, who spotted this spell. “That was great, kid! Can you help me tie them up!?” he asked, while wildly shaking one of the smugglers to stand still, while being tied up.

After they tied them up, the officer had found a large convoy, enough to put them all there. As they were riding back, Raiken expressed: “This was awesome, sir! Do you do this kind of stuff every day?” The officer laughed a bit and replied: “Nah, this is actually the first time that I’ve infiltrated smugglers. I basically just catch up on running shoplifters and stuff like that.” He rode down a hill, causing the captives to fall down on the convoy, “My partner will be so jealous, when he gets to hear this!”

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The Arm of The Law [Job/Private]
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