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 Mr Smiley [B Rank Solo]

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PostSubject: Mr Smiley [B Rank Solo]   Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:13 pm

Hakai wrote:
Name: Mr. Smiley
Rank: B
Client: Musta R. Dplug
Target: Mr. Smiley
Reward: 8,000 Jewels
Details: Musta is a very successful businessman in the condiment market. He is receiving pressure from a regulation official of Fiore Mr. Smiley he is a former mage of Fairy Tail and was a B rank while a member. Musta wants you to send a clear message to the next regulation offical by grievously hurting Mr. Smiley or just killing him outright. Musta will correspond with you through a man named RBF who will meet you at a tavern and give you the request information as well as the reward when you finish.

Mr. Smiley:

More freaking taverns!  If it isn't a tavern, it's a restaurant.  One of his previous jobs was to kill a douchebag boyfriend and there, they met at a small restaurant where the two could talk.  Whatever.  While sitting in the tavern, Baal sat at the bar as instructed, however he had a cool, refreshing drink with him.  Taking a sip of his drink, he noticed a shady looking individual in a trench coat and a wide-rimmed hat.  This didn't look suspicious at all.  

"Don't look my way.  I know who you are, Mr. Marivel.  Anyway, since you are here, you know about what I'm going to instruct you on.  My employer wants you to send a message back to Fiore about their little inspections.  What I want you to do is find a man known as Mr. Smiley, and kill him.  You will be handsomely rewarded for the job.  You'll find Mr. Smiley at the inn just down the street from here.  You'll know him when you see him; he does have the name 'Mr. Smiley' for a good reason.  We want this job to look like you were defending yourself from a crazed lunatic.  The more we smear the name of Regulations Office, the better," RBF explained.  Baal responded with a simple nod before downing the rest of his drink and placing it on the bartop.

Baal turned to the bartender and hooked a thumb at RBF.  "This guy will foot my bill," he simply stated before the trench-coat wearing man recoiled a bit, but said nothing.  A little grin came across Baal's lips.  He knew this would come out of his pay, but it was just a pint of beer.  Wiping his lips, Baal walked outside.

The air was crisp and the night was young.  The sun began to dip into the horizon, leaving the world in twilight.  Baal turned his head towards where the Inn would be, seeing the small, dim light shining over the swinging wooden sign.  The Pouncing Lion Inn.  Somehow, Baal felt that he had heard that name before.  Whistling and placing his hands into his pockets, Baal crossed the street and eventually walked into the Inn.  

The Inn smelled of piss and alcohol.  There was a reception desk at the front with a pretty 20-something standing in front.  A single brow was raised as he approached the woman and cleared his throat.  A big, radiant smile came across his face as he looked towards the woman, letting his eyes wander for a moment from her pretty face down to her curvy chest.  His eyes returned to looking her back in the eyes before she realized.  "Welcome to the Pouncing Lion Inn.  Are you planning on staying the night or would you like to go to the restaurant?" the woman asked sweetly.  Shaking his head, Baal leaned in for a moment, closing a little bit of space between him and the woman.

"I'm actually looking for a man.  I'm a Bounty Hunter hired by the Magic Council to find a criminal," he said.  It was a lie, but due to his ability to lie convincingly, the woman bought it.  "Oh?  Well, what does he look like?" she asked before Baal stood back up and pulled his face back with his hands completely distorting his face.  This caused the woman to put her hand over her mouth and gasp lightly.  

"Oh, yes.  He's here," she said as she pointed towards the man in the restaurant having multiple women under his arms.  He was dressed fancily with a lot of jewelry around his neck and wrist.  Baal turned his head to look in the direction of the woman's finger and confirmed his location.  With a smile, Baal took the woman's hands into his.  He lifted her hand up to his lips and kissed her knuckles romantically causing a deep red blush to come over her face.  She quickly withdrew her hand and put it to her chest, feeling her heart thump rapidly.

"I'll be sure to get him out of your tavern.  He is a dangerous man," said the rich man with a little wink.  This caused the woman to duck down underneath the desk she was standing at.  With a muffled bit of appreciation, Baal turned his eyes towards the man equally nihilistic as he.  

Stepping forward, Baal stopped just before the man's table and lightly nudged it to get his attention.  "What do you want, Jackass!?  Can't you see I'm busy," he said as the 3 women he had in his company also turned to look towards Baal.  

"Oh, nothing much other than I'm here to take you in for multiple charges of fraud and and assault on other women," he simply stated, causing the women to turn to look at him with disgust, eventually fleeing from him.  One of the three was caught and pressed up against Mr. Smiley with him forcing a kiss upon the woman.  His eyes turned to look towards Baal while he was kissing her to see his reaction.  There didn't seem to be a change in his reaction.  He took it a bit further and moved his hands in places they shouldn't be.  Still no reaction from Baal.

Not receiving a rise from Baal, he pushed the woman he assaulted away from him.  "So, who hired you to come and get me?" Mr Smiley asked.  "Oh, isn't it obvious?  The Magic Council, of course," he simply stated.  Mr. Smiley stood up, pushing the table away violently, causing everyone in the restaurant to stop and look at Mr. Smiley.  "Bullshit!" he shouted before walking up to Baal and punching him in the face, causing blood to rush down his nose and down his neck, staining his clothes red.

"I hereby place you under arrest.  On top of your multiple counts of assault and fraud, you have added the assault of a Magic Council official.  You have the right to remain silent," he said before the man started to run.  Pointing his finger at the man, he shouted.  "Stop that man!" he said as a spry young man got in the way of Mr. Smiley, only to have a large, icy club smashed against his face, instantly killing the man.  

"I am authorizing the use of deadly force against the criminal," he simply stated and there was a panic in the restaurant.  People were in mass hysteria as they started to flee out of the building, forcing Baal to summon the Technical Arm armor over his right arm.  Quickly running towards the man, he summoned one of his newer requip spells, LL-7D7 Longinus.  The weapon hummed in his hand as he held it firmly in his grasp.  Light flashed over his face, summoning the SDX-117 Spyglass.  Viewing the man running away, he eventually got a lock-on upon him.  

With a quick thrust of his weapon, the energy sword extended and barely cut through Mr. Smiley's clothing.  With a devilish laugh, the man continued to run out before eventually jumping out of a window, laughing as he falls to the ground.  "Fucking papercuts!" a voice echoed before Baal looked at his new weapon and shook it a bit.  "You're a blade of pure energy and you only do papercuts!  For fucking real?" Baal shouted in frustration and anger.  

With that said, Baal turned around and ran out of the inn, waving to the cute proprietress before finding himself in the street.  "Hey!  Blackhole face!" he shouted towards Mr. Smiley causing him to stop and look towards Baal; the same smile stayed upon his face.  "What are you going to do?  Papercut me to death!?  Fucking loser!" he said before attempting to flee again.

"Fight me like a man, ugly!" Baal shouted out once more before causing Mr. Smiley to stop once more.  If his face wasn't stuck in that smiling position, one would be able to see the anger upon his face.  "What?  You don't like being called ugly, ugly?"  

With a loud roar, Mr. Smiley took a strong stance with his legs wider than shoulder width apart.  He slammed his fist down into his palm, causing the water around him to freeze.  A golf clap was given by Baal as he witnessed the man's display of power.  The ice began to spread throughout the streets, freezing everything below the two and around the two.  Taking a step forward, Baal was met by a giant wall of pure ice.  Baal slashed at the wall only to see it slightly shave it.  Playing around with it, Baal took the side of his blade and began to shave ice into what looked like snow, creating a rather tall pile of it in front of him.  

While this was happening, Mr. Smiley continued to gather up energy within him.  Baal was still playing around with the ice.  After a few slices of his sword, the ice wall came crashing down.  Baal blinked for a moment, noticing the wall just collapsing.  He didn't seem to do much damage to it, but it was enough to destroy the wall.  This caused Baal to look back at his weapon with a look of confusion.  He can't cut through clothing, but a couple of swings of this blade could cause a giant wall of ice to crumble?  

Lowering his blade, he sat and watched Mr. Smiley continue to power up.  Out of boredom, Baal looked around and began to play with the chunks of ice from the wall.  He slammed the chunk to the ground to test it's hardness only to realize that something that can't really do a whole lot of damage fell was enough to destroy an adamant wall.  After about 3 minutes of loafing around, Mr. Smiley stood up and nodded his head.  "Alright, I'm ready."

This was Baal's cue to stand up and look towards Mr. Smiley.  Without another word, an balls of ice were flung in Baal's direction dodging those strikes relatively easy due to the distance that Mr. Smiley was at.  Taking a deep breath, Baal rushed forward towards his target and slashed at him, with his attacks doing almost nothing to him except shredding his clothing.  Mr. Smiley's shirt exploded and turned the target topless.  Thankfully, the rest of his body wasn't as ugly as his face.

Taking this opportunity, Mr. Smiley summoned a rather large spear of ice and threw it at Baal, striking him in the stomach.  Did Baal wince and pull back?  No.  The tip of the ice spear was enough to draw blood from the heir to Marivel Heavy Industries.  The two of them looked quite shocked for a moment.  The tip of the spear stuck into Baal only to fall down, shattering afterward.  Baal took his free-hand and poked his finger into the hole and wiggled it around.  After the touch-inspection, he pulled his finger out to only show a 1/4 inch wound within his gut.  

"I mean, it hurt and all.  But you don't think this is going to kill me, do you?" Baal simply asked before the two of them shrugged.  "Well, my attacks go deeper than yours, Papercut!" Mr. Smiley said after giving Baal the nickname of Papercut.

With a few palm strikes, balls of ice were sent Baal's way, hitting him on the left shoulder and once on the face.  This caused Baal to recoil a bit and place his left hand over where he got hit on the face.  "Fucking hell.  That actually hurt!" Baal shouted before Mr. Smiley shrugged his shoulders.  

"Fight me, for reals now!" he said before the two began to circle around one another.  

After a moment of pacing, Baal swung at the man with his blade only for his hand to get blocked by Mr. Smiley's palm.  A salvo of ice balls were shot at Baal's wrist, disarming him from his energy blade.  Dequipping that weapon, Baal exchanged a few punches with Mr. Smiley, both trading blows back and forth before another spear of ice 'dug' it's way into Baal's chest, shattering some bones in his ribs and only traveling 1/4" deep into his body.  This pushed Baal back about 10 feet, sliding across the ground.  

"You have the nerve to screw around with me?" Mister Smiley asked before walking over to Baal and placed his boot upon the blonde's face and started to grind his heel into the ground.  "Screwing with my good time and you expect ME to be merciful?" he asked before a white glow is seen forming directly in front of his face to see a barrel directly in his face.  A bright flash of light caused a beam of pure energy to slam into Mr Smiley's face, causing him to recoil.

This gave Baal the opportunity to stand up and rush towards Mister Smiley.  However, before Baal reached his destination, a large ice wall was formed directly in front of him, stopping his advance.  While Baal wasn't capable of blowing through this wall, he still had a lock on to this man.  Using this to his advantage, he sent his funnel to blast him a couple times with the man shooting volley after volley of ice balls towards the weapon, eventually destroying it.  

Another ball of light could be seen in Baal's hand, summoning a large blade.  Baal struck at the wall of ice before him only for his blade to bounce right off of it.  He took a few swings and saw the wall start to crack.  The moment the wall came crashing down, a spear of ice flew through the rubble of the wall and struck Baal directly in the chest once more, pushing him onto his back again.  

"I'm not gonna fall for the same trick again, asshole," he said as he walked over and kicked away Baal's weapon, noticing it flashing white and vanishing.  "Looks like you lose, douchebag!" Mister Smiley said with a laugh before another flash of light could be seen in Baal's hand and a blade of energy extended, finding the tip of the blade at his groin.  This caused the man to sweat a bit.  

"Hey now, no need to go on with that.  I kinda need those, ya know," Mister Smiley stated before a little poke was given, causing Mister Smiley to fall to the ground, holding his groin.  He flailed around in pain as the bruised and kind-of bloodied Baal stood up.  

"Felt like we were beating each other up with pillows," Baal stated before spitting blood out onto the ground.  As the blade returned to it's normal length, Baal placed the tip of his blade onto Mister Smiley's chest and pressed down, entering his chest at 1/8 of an inch.  Baal pressed down further to no avail.  His blade wouldn't proceed any further than 1/8 of an inch.  

"Get rekt, retard!  That's the world we live in!  Your magic is useless!"  Mister Smiley said before grabbing his groin again as the blade went into his groin once more.  

"God damnit.  Well, I kinda have to kill you, so here we go!" Baal said as he continued to hack and slash at the man.  Screams of pain could be heard reverberating through the streets.  Several hours passed before Baal stopped swinging.  While the scene wasn't too violent, the pain was enough to cause Mister Smiley to pass out with a bunch of small incisions within his body.  Looking around, Baal grabbed Mister Smiley by his hair and dragged him into an alley where he saw a bucket of chemicals sitting by the curb.  

Baal dragged the body and put him on his back, forced open his mouth and grabbed the bucket, opening it.  After opening the bucket of chemicals, he poured down the man's throat until the bucket went empty.  Insert one terrible seizure scene later, the man finally died.  With a groan, he was met by RBF as he clapped his hands, seeing the whole thing.  

"Yup, he's dead alright.  Good job.  My employer will be very pleased.  Here's your money," he said before throwing down a bag of money before disappearing.
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Mr Smiley [B Rank Solo]
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