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 Force of Nature (Private)

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PostSubject: Force of Nature (Private)   Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:02 pm

The sun beat down from its highest point in the sky, radiating the park with more light than warmth. Although the winter chills had not fully set in on this day, fended off by weather patterns and a bright sun, the wind that tiptoed through the park forced many to be wearing jackets. Heavy clothing, neck to toe, that did what they could to fend off the onslaught of mother nature that threatened to pierce through the cloth of those unprepared. Few people were out within Magnolia at this time of year, and even fewer were in the park. Of those who decided to roam this almost benevolent area, there was a man who seemed to stray from the expected, without paying any of the consequences that would be expected from such a location.

A man with black hair that tickled the back of his neck, bangs that brushed the tip of his nose, and eyes that were so piercingly purple that many who fell under his gaze would shrink away or feel overwhelmed by his presence. It was not a powerful feel, necessarily. Not malicious or overbearing either. It was simply there. An unshakable will that could hardly be contained, shining through and seeping out from his gaze itself. He was a determined individual for sure, and one who waded through the current of normalcy to achieve what it was that he wanted. Not many people could claim that, and fewer were so confident about their choices. Illiad was a man who would not be wavered, though. Standing in isolation before the fountain in the center of the park, his light khakis and button up blue long sleeved shirt made a confusing sight, considering the man was giving no indications of feeling cold. He just was- A person who had seemingly formed with his surroundings, at least for the time being.

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Force of Nature (Private)
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