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 Role Model

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PostSubject: Role Model   Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:32 pm

"Lets go, quicker, we're gonna lose it!" Shouted Hiroko. "Wait! I'm not as fast as you!!! Wait." A little girl was following the white haired mage. She was having some trouble to keep Hiroko's speed, but even so, he wasn't actually running that fast, if he did, he could instantly lose the girl. Hiroko stopped and looked at the little girl trying to recover her breath. "Lets do this, get up." Hiroko turned around letting the girl understand what he meant. The child jumped on Hiroko's back as if he was his hours or something. "Now hold strong Maria, don't want you to fall." Said Hiroko. "Yes, I won't let go." Replied the so called Maria. Hiroko started to run at his maximum speed as he held with his arms the little child in his back. He quickly jumped to the roof of some houses causing a huge gasp from the little girl.

Hiroko jumped from house to house, trying to spot something. The girl was amazed with the height and what they were actually doing. Mages for her were amazing and it was her goal to become one. Hiroko, after a few minutes, spotted his target in a nearby alley and jumped down from the building. They landed in front of his wanted target. He placed down the girl and walked with her towards a white cat licking herself in a nearby box. "Let's take her home." Said Hiroko and took the cat before turning around and walking outside the alley. They walked with the cat resting in Hiroko's arms and looked around at the little town. "Mage-kun! Is every day like this? Chasing cats and stuff?" Asked the girl interested in Hiroko's job as a mage. "Well, I sometimes get to do some other dangerous stuff and I rarely work as well. Because of the high rewards we have, I can work maybe once a weep and live quite well." The little girl announced her amusement quickly and asked even more. "Mage-kun! How did you learn magic?" Asked the girl. Hiroko laughed at the question and took his blade with his right hand as he held the cat with his left one. "Well, I was gifted this by my master. He taught me everything I needed, now I'm strong enough to learn by myself. But you can join an academy or something if you don't have someone to teach you..."

The girl was very impressed with Hiroko. But her excitement was interrupted by the old lady waiting for her cat. "Oh thank you young man. Here, consider it a reward for this lovely gesture." Said the woman as she gave Hiroko a few jewels, probably enough to buy an ice cream or something. "Thank you very much." Replied Hiroko as the lady left their site of view. Hiroko looked at the little girl and handed over the few coins he had been given. "Here, consider it your first job as a mage." He said. The girl was so exited she started to jump and hugged Hiroko. "Thank you Mage-Kun. Don't want the day to end, but I had fun and I think my dad will get worried if I don't get home." Hiroko smiled and started to walk. "Yes, let's take you back home."
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Role Model
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