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 Are you shitting me [missions]

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PostSubject: Are you shitting me [missions]   Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:56 pm

Twisting his long locks with his right index finger, our hero was about to began his jounery. Sighning at the lack of excitement lately, Yoake was very much please at the idea of catching a preforming. Though the thought of catching a theif bothered him, he once to was a theif. Stealing to surrive, would this villain be the same as him. The jewels was wroth way more than that. Besides who wasn't a cimmial in ol oak town.

Walking in the dread oak town, Yoake stead ten toes down. You never know when a dark mage be lurking, so Yoake had to stay ready. Though no one was falling him Yoake felt some what pariond. Although he would be ready to open up a can of old fanish whoop ass.

Yoake let go of his long brown dread and placed his head phones on his ears, trying to relax Yoake played some jams and began rapping to himself."Yo I'm the mage, 10 wizard saint, let go of my gage send lizards to gates, pull saber's tooth, denstist, jewels forever prosuit, in shit with fairy tail, man dat shit a fairy tale, like a horse with wings, bogeus , right of course i mean pegusus ,uh handle em with my sword, fuck phatom lord, dats obilivion truth, lead i shot, down with counical, hold da crown from ramson,yo the guildless, know to feel this, not a loner, i got mary jane, go be a stoner, i'm a marry dat dame." His long twists he called a hair was just moving right to left, as he head nobbed and bobbed. Yoake danced on his tip toes pointing out his index fingers.

Moments later Yoake made it to his destionation, it was large theather. The entire building was made up of red clay stones. The roof was soild black with a few tiles missing, the wooden door was board with a brother right next to it. The porch had peices of wood messing. Who the hell would steal from this dope Yoake couldn't help but thinking. I mean shit they can't fix the building so what could they have. Looking at a window Yoake made a face of disgust as he seen a bug. "What the fuck for real these niggas got roachs, i bet these are the only cosumers that come here!" Yoake yelled.
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PostSubject: Re: Are you shitting me [missions]   Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:30 pm

" Are you shitting me " an elder old man said sitting on the east of the porch, rocking in his rocking chair. "Yoake looked at the old man, what's sup ol fart" he looked the man up and down. The old man not paying him no mind began to babble to him self "of course Freeza could beat Goku, Freddy you are out of your mind. Freeza is the strongest in the galaxy" Yoake looking puzzled, he the fuck he is talking to he wondered. Most importantly why in the world would he think Freeza could be Goku. Goku is the most over powered character in the wangon ballers x series. This man must be dislusional. Likes like saying Naruto can be Hokage in the Akatsuki manga. Yoake balled his fist up at the thought of wanting to knock that old ditchers out of his gummy mouth.

Fuck it Yoake shurgged and walked up the porach, that old might not be there when he go back. If he was he be laying there of a heart attack, or maybe even a stroke. Yoake pushed the door opening, and walked into the theater. The room was laced with black seats covering each side. The stage was large and wide, and shockingly nice. Yoake made his approach to the back stage. Where he meet with his emyorrr.

"Where have you been bub" a large man said to Yoake " I been expecting you for hours, you are late this is coming out of your pay. the their could had already struck." " My bad I got caught up in traffic" Yoake said as an image flashed of him smoking his weed and falling a sleep under the grass back flashed "sooo any way, what has the theif been taking" Yoake asked. "My Nickers" the man yelled. Yoake made a face as if he was going to throw up "come again?". " You know my under where!!" "Ooookkkay" Yoake replied bewildered about why some one would want to steal a large man's under year. "Well I will find this crook but first show me to my dressing room.

After arriving there Yoake took nap for a hour. He then woke up from his sleep of dreaming of naked chicks, to get up and change into his preformer clothes. Part of his gig was doing magic tricks for the show. Look up at the clock he seen that it was he was five mintues late for when he was suppose to be on the stage. Yoake rushed to the stage to have the client looking angry at him. Tapping his foot wildly, Yoake knew he was mad but he just didn't care. Nigga better watch his attuide Yoake thought to himself. "Hey get on stage now" the man yelled at Yoake. "hmmph" Yoake went feeling some type of way. He was shocked the to all the seats filled. " Ladies and Gentalmen who wants to see magic?" he screamed with a hype voice. "We do they all yelled!" He guestured for the cleint to come on stage and the man did, only to zapped by a blue and whitish lighting bolt used by Yoake sending him back into the croward "taa daaa I got sparks shooting out my hands" he said waving them. The coward busted into laugher. "Now if my assiant is okay I will show you my greatest magic trick." The cleint got up and slowly claimed up staged once more. Yoake sending his palms , thrusted it into his gut. Sending a high voltage wave of eletecirty in the clients body, caused his bowels to become uncontrollabe and made him shit himself. The coward was filled with laugher, and Yoake took a bow making his exit.

As Yoake was back stage he seen an creepy figure leaving the client's office with something in he/or she's hand. Yoake dashed after the figure. "I got the theif now". The theif ran out side the theater with Yoake on hunt. The theif would fall over face first tripping over a rock. "Aww shit my hip" a voice screamed sounding fammialr lying next to a large set of underwear. As Yoake got closer he knew who it was. He gripped onto the picking him up from the ground, " you ol fart you been stealing fattys underwear, thats gross man" Yoake said as he punched the old man as hard he could in the face, breaking his jaw. The old man was soon knocked out. The client would the appear coming out the door way " Yoake my last pair of underwear is gone, and you made me shit my self!! Find the theif" Yoake picking up the underwear handing it to the client "here is your underwear". The large man look at the knocked out " SO it was my grandma stealing me." You got to be shitting me Yoake thought, this a old woman. let me get my mom and deep before things get weirder.
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Are you shitting me [missions]
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