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 Lost Puppy

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PostSubject: Lost Puppy   Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:24 am

The Request:

It was a fine afternoon. Hargeon Town on this day is not so active with empty streets and a calm water, it was the best part of time Noah. He doesn’t like the way of the sound of the ship going to sail away from the port and some people chit-chattering as they pass Noah’s apartment. He has a fear of loud noises and he was quite shocked why he chose Hargeon Town and still stayed.

Noah sat back on his bed with a book in his hand. Reading was one of his favorite thing to do. He got the book from the nearby library of the town and the book had the title “The Wanderer.” Noah didn’t actually gave a thought as to what kind of book he will bring. He loved to stay in the library but the thought of the streets outside get crowded, made him to do otherwise. Now, reading the book, Noah’s stomach suddenly grumbled. He didn’t have much to eat in the brunch. Noah sighed and took out the bookmark from the nightstand and inserted on the book.

He left the book on the bed and proceed to his kitchen that is not so far from his bed. As he entered his kitchen, he quickly scanned the room for some possible fruit or just food to eat. His mouth arched down as he saw nothing and moved closer to the fridge. Noah threw his hand on the metal bar and pulled it, revealing nothing. “Awh.. Should I really have to go outside to buy one?” He complained.

He was defeated by his thought and sighed once more. Noah closed the fridge and opened his wardrobe, pulling whatever clothes it had on. He took out his money and moved out his apartment room. He met some of his neighbors walking on the hallway and he had to smile at them whenever he passed them. Today the young wizard was wearing a brown leather coat, white shirt, black pants and a pair of black boots. His keys would always be placed at the side of whatever pants or jeans he is wearing. Noah moved quickly to the market area of the town and stopped at each stall.

At the end of the market area, Noah had different paper bags at each sizes on his left hand and a white medium-sized cellophane bag on his right. Both weight much, but Noah still had some of his muscles to carry those things. He moved through the sparsely populated streets and passed a young boy with his puppy. The boy was talking to the puppy and it seems that he was having fun. ’The dog’s cute.’ He thought and suddenly he had an idea. ’Why haven’t I bought a pet?’ He huffed and continued to walk.

As he was some distances away from the boy, a sudden yell was heard. It shocked Noah and threw his the paper bags in the air because he had to cover his ears. Noah crouched down. ”Noises.. I hate noises!” He muttered and exerted much effort in covering his ears, he doesn’t want to hear any of those noises. However the paper bags who was in the air, fell down quickly and it hit Noah’s head. ”Awh!” He yelped in pain and an orange inside the paper bag rolled out of the paper bag.

”No!” He said and sped towards the rolling orange. ”Come here orange!” He said and leaned towards the orange and in one swipe he took it quick. He straightened his body and went back to all his things. Noah took a glimpse of the boy and figured something different from him. The boy who was happy playing his puppy was now crying and the figure of the puppy wasn’t to seen on the scene. ”Maybe he was the one who screamed. Poor him.” He thought and picked all his things.

He was prepared to go and move forward to his apartment when he was stopped by his conscience. ’I should help that boy.’ He thought and placed the cellophane bag on the ground. He took a key out and aimed this at the front. They key was silver and it had an apple on the edge. ”Open! Gate of the Explosive Queen, Snow White!” He chanted and tilted the key. A magic circle would appear in front along with the chime of a bell. A figure was formed yet it was still covered in light. As the magic circle disappeared, the light dimmed and the figure became a woman with a wavy white hair and a black bow on her head.

Snow White smiled upon seeing Noah summoned her. ”I’m glad that you summoned me baby bro.” She said and giggled softly. She had been calling Noah “baby bro” ever since they made the contract with each other. ”So what’s wrong? Is it a love problem?” She said. ”N-no it wasn’t about love. I just want you to carry this thing. I just wanted to help out the kid.” Noah said and blushed. He never had any interest in getting into a relationship yet but someday when the time is right. ”Okay, baby bro. So who is this ‘kid’ you’re talking about?” The white-haired beauty asked and took Noah’s burdens on the process. Noah pointed at the crying kid. ”Him.” He said and moved towards the kid.

The boy was still crying and you could see that he totally loved his puppy so much. ”What’s the matter?” Noah crouched down and sweetly asked the boy, even though he knew the problem already. ”M-my.. M-my puppy… Is gone..” The boy said with a bit of stutter on his words. Noah was the kind of a person who would someone in need and this boy is pretty much lucky to be seen by him. The boy sniffled before speaking again. ”My brown puppy is gone.. I was tying my shoelace when the leash slid from my hands.” The boy cried again and Noah was almost crying too. Snow White on the other hand nodded her head and crouched down to pat the boy. ”It’s alright dear. We can find your dog.” She reassured.

”You stay here okay, we’ll be coming back? We promise.” Snow White said and stood back and looked around the market area. There wasn’t many people around and so it became quite easy for her to spot the brown puppy. Snow White looked at Noah and nodded her head, as if signaling him to follow. Noah nodded back and the two moved. They found the puppy at the other side of the market area, following a cart full of meat. ”I think this dog will be troublesome if we don’t get it quick. The owner of that cart might punish it if he will see the dog.” She seriously.

”Okay, let’s go.” Noah said and the two sped. As they got neared the cart and the puppy, the little creature of the canine family stopped and glared at the two and growled at the two. Snow White and Noah stopped and calmed down themselves. They wanted to finish this problem and Noah slowly progressed. The dog barked and slowly stepped backwards. The dog barked again and ran.

This time the dog wasn’t following the cart and instead into some alleys of the market. Noah sighed and moved quickly. Snow White did the same. The two being as agile as a horse, caught up with the puppy and the two smiled. Snow White jumped ahead of the puppy and turned around to corner it. The puppy stopped and growled and barked again. ”Calm down now. Your master is waiting for you.” Noah tried to talk to the puppy but yet it won’t listen. It barked and barked until a whistle was heard. The puppy stood straight and wiggled its tail. The puppy recognized the whistle itself and ran past Snow White and went to its owner.

Noah moved his body to the side to look who it was and found a man pretty much on his thirties crouching down and opened its arms. Noah was confused and walked towards the man. ”Could he be the father of that kid?” He muttered. ”Possibly.” Snow White replied, catching up on him. The man who saw the two smiled and stood up. The kid from earlier was on his back and tears were still in his eyes. ”Oh thank you so much for helping my child. The name’s Zane. The father of this kid.” The man smiled and extended its arms. Noah grabbed it and shook their hands. ”If it wasn’t for you, my poor little Ben would have been crying up until now. Thank you so much.” Zane said and smiled. ”No problem. I just saw him crying and went over to help him. No worries.” Noah chuckled away the awkwardness. The man, Zane picked something out from his pocket and presented a pouch full of Jewel. He gave this to Noah as a sign of thank you. ”Oh no. I can’t..” He said and a bit lied. He totally need the money but Zane insisted and gave it. They both left.

”All well ends well.” Snow White remarked as the two now trekked back at the apartment with a bag of Jewel on Noah’s hand. ”You’re pretty much nice baby bro.” Snow White smirked and the two entered the apartment and laid down all the stuffs. Snow White helped Noah load all the foods and other edible stuffs to the fridge. She then bid farewell and disappeared. Noah went back to his bed and read the book again and smiled as he had helped a person even in such little ways.

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Lost Puppy
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