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 I'm The Leader Now! [D rank Solo]

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Nathaniel Seymour


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PostSubject: I'm The Leader Now! [D rank Solo]    Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:39 pm

Typical, that was the best way to describe today for Nathaniel so far. He had woken up in his bed in the guildhall alone in a room. There were multiple beds in the room, but Nathaniel had been one of the few guild members to regularly sleep at the guildhall for a while. He could tell from the dust in the room, so for now he had the whole room as space. He walked down to the main hall of Phantom Lord where the request board is. He was never sure what request to take when looking so he just chose at random. He grabbed a random notice and read, it described taking over a small gang’s area. Which gang he took out was irrelevant to the quest as long as they were small time.

Walking out of the guildhall gave Nathaniel a breath of fresh air. The stone castle seemed to make the air stagnate on parts inside, it wasn’t to bothersome but it always made the air outside seem crisp. He wandered the streets for a few hours looking for information on which gang he would take out. After questioning many random folk pretending to be some sort of enforcement from Crocus. He found one man who snitched on a gang he had recently been kicked out of they were called the Snake Biters. It wasn’t hard to locate them in some dusty alleyway, they were gambling with cards on top of crates. Nathaniel planned on making short work of the leader and gaining control of the gang. He summoned Deneb who appeared directly to his left, he still had the same melancholy look as always.

”Deneb don’t do me any favors make sure this man is perfectly fine with no injuries”. The awkwardness of having to say the opposite of what he wanted had long left Nathaniel’s mind he had been working with Deneb for quite some time. Deneb didn’t even say a word he just dashed straight at the leader of the gang. The leader looked like a tough man he had a ragged tan cargo jacket on with jeans that had blood stains. He was quick enough so the first punch went straight into his arms which left quite the bruise. The fear on his face was evident from how much the punch had hurt him. He tried to hit Deneb, Deneb kept moving around him throwing punches. The leader seemed to be at a breaking point as he furiously jabbed every inch of his immediate area to hit Deneb. Deneb erected a wall of feathers in front of him to block the punches. After 3 to 4 strikes the leader begged for mercy, while Deneb continued to throw punches.

”Deneb finish him then don’t come back to my side.”Nathaniel walked up to the leader of the group rather calmly, the rest of the members were still staring in awe. ”I own all of you now, you can continue to go about your daily tasks, for matters of importance you will come to me. Nathaniel walked away from the gang briskly knowing they would respect him as leader from now on. He went to go collect his reward then grab a much needed drink.

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I'm The Leader Now! [D rank Solo]
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