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 The Shattering

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PostSubject: The Shattering   Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:43 pm

Long before the world was the world we now know, before there were countries, islands, and especially nations, the world was one whole being. One single mass of land that housed all living beings on Earthland. It was a massive, grand structure that had varying landscapes just as we see today: deserts, forests, mountain ranges.

This land mass, this Eisengrad as we have come to have learned it, was ruled by Dragons--both on land and through the air. These Dragons, at first, saw humans as cattle. They fed upon them, as they would any other animal or being (for Humans were not the only sentient specie on this Eisengrad). Eventually, as humans evolved and adapted to the harsh reality, they learned to fight back against Dragons and other predators. They crafted tools, some had learned shamanistic ways to call upon the elements to aid them. The Dragons, seeing how these sentient races were able to adapt and learn, chose to enslave them instead.

And so the Dragons did.

The Dragons used their terrifying power to force the humans into submission, after only a short lived battle, that would become the predecessor for a much more, much longer battle that would claim the lives of Dragons and Humans alike. The humans, and their sentient brethren, were forced into concentration camps to build monuments and relics for the Dragons. They learned metal smithing and various other professions that would allow them to build trinkets for the Dragons.

And some, were just village farms that the Dragons used for food.

Dragons, however, are as varied as humans. There were those that truly believed them better than the humans, for they were large awesome creatures and humans were frail and small. There were also some Dragons who viewed the humans as fellow living beings, meant to inhabit the world with just as much right to living as they had. After seeing how they were able to learn, and adapt, these Dragons saw the sentient beings as every bit the equal to Dragons. Due to their short life spans, humans were ambitious, eager to learn and improve. They had so little time to accomplish their goals, and these Dragons admired their ferocious love of life.

And so these Dragons, these 'good' Dragons spoke their mind to their brethren who sought to keep the humans locked in servitude. Their words came as heresy, and thus sparked the first and only great Dragon War. The human servants were of little consequence, merely what was fought over, until the Dragons that sought the humans freedom decided to have them help fight for it. Teaching them the (now) ancient art of Dragon Slaying, the humans fought back against their oppressors to gain freedom through bloodshed.

The end of the war came, however, with both sides having to set aside differences against a common threat.

There was one being, one human who had practiced shamanistic ways before being enslaved. Not much is known about this human, only that they stumbled upon a way to harness all of the elements power. While the Dragon Slayers fought for their freedom against Dragons, were specialized in killing Dragons, this (what we now call Wizard) had the ability to utilize, consume and destroy any elemental magic they touched. Such was their power that they felled more Dragons than either side of the war, and nearly just as many Dragon Slayers.

The end of the War came with the Shattering, when Earth Dragons challenged this human into single combat: The shaman versus their entire flight. Unable to best the Shaman, with their numbers dwindling, the Earth Dragons sacrificed nearly the rest of their numbers to seal this Shaman away within the very heart of Earthland itself, causing the ground to split and crack beneath the Shaman's terrible power.

The rest, as many would say, was history. While the War was over, Dragon Slayers remained, in case those of ill intent would seek to rise up and enslave humanity and it's sentient cousins again. Old wounds have healed, and Earthland flourished.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how Eisengrad birthed the many land masses and nations we have come to know today.

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The Shattering
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