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 Showtime [C Rank]

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PostSubject: Showtime [C Rank]   Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:22 pm

Job Info:

She was nervous.

Very nervous.

Oh-so-sickly nervous.

A young woman sat at a cushioned seat placed in front of a shimmery mirror that was lit up all around from bolted lacrima lights. She had on powdered make up that was over accenting her features and a tight costume that hug her curves a bit too tight. It was a silver sparkly suit that was nearly see through in areas she was so not comfortable enough showing publicly.

A few hours...

It had only been a few hours since she had accepted the request from a local traveling circus Ringmaster. At first she was just curious as to what the circus itself was, but she had found that it was in danger from a thief! So Tyr reluctantly agreed to help the Ringmaster, but he required her to go undercover to apprehend the target. And to do that, she had to perform in front of a full crowd, using her magic to whoo the people and thus disguise her obvious standout ish appearance.
With a soft sigh she stood from the chair that carried her; Amethyst colored hair fell over her shoulders and rested at the back of her knees. It laid gently on top of her floor length see through cashmere fabric that trailed behind her as she walked forward. To her, a bath sounded nice at this moment, after indulging in a bit of Dango. The thought of the sweet and sticky rice treat making her mouth water.

Her gaze suddenly fell upon a the crowd that awaited her inside the tent.
A man coming up to her and motioning for her to get ready, "Your on!"
It was several seconds before she was able to choke past the lump in her throat and say something to his comment.
" I am ready." she said, stumbling a bit but her soft feminine voice pierced the quiet that kept the area still. She folded her hands in front of her before stepping forward to get past him. Her appearance from the tall curtains ushered an explosion from the guests that all welcomed her and her performance. Tyriel smiled and waved, hiding her nervousness.

The ringmaster walked up to her and put his hand in her's, "Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome a new performer to our show! Tyriel! She has something a little different prepared for you today, but i'm more than positive it will have you on the edge of your seats!" he exploded, his voice carrying throughout the entire circus tent.

Tyriel smiled and waved once more, this time bending her back to curtsy to the public. They applauded again and quieted to give her their attention.
The music started.

And her voice found its way into the heart of everyone as she began. At first she only sang and swayed back and forth, but when the music started to pick up in a crescendo she raised her hands up at her sides, her palms facing the crowd.
Magic circles lit up her palms, glowing a brilliant purple color that matched her eye color.
Tyriel began to twirl and dance to the song she sang, her magic causing vines to envelope around her, and then from underneath her feet a large lilly lifted up and raised her up into the air.
She danced like a graceful ballerina on that flower while providing them with a song, Tyriel using her vines to lift her to do flips as the petite woman landed and twirled for them.

It was coming to the end of her song as Tyriel let her vine explode in roses and lilacs for added color, wilting them so they dropped petals around her.
She pierrottet and held that pose at her last note. A sudden drop in lights the cue for the audience to explode in applause.

Tyriel smiled, she was done with this part of the job at least.


Breathing hard, Tyriel grinned as she was greeted by the Ringmaster who was congratulating her on the performance she gave. Lady Tyriel! That was quite amazing! Perhaps i shall hire you permanently." he said then handing her a schedule of the next performances. Before she could say anything against him the Ring Master continued.
" That is a schedule of all the next performer's, the thief is among them. Question each one undercover so we can catch the criminal!" he said as he went back out to the awaiting crowd, carrying on the show.
Tyriel grasped the paper and walked around, getting familiar with the backstage area.

It was quite vast, and Tyriel sweatdropped at the fact that she was lost. This was not good, as she was short on time to find this culprit.
Tyriel was walking among the zoo animals when a voice caught her attention.
"Your magic is quite amazing."
She turned to look at a tall gentlemen with long blonde hair. He looked rather sweaty as he held onto a horse.
He must have just finished preforming.
Tyriel smiled and nodded, "Thank you." she responded to the stranger.
Her eyes gazed him up and down, noticing his build and chiseled cut body. He was a beautiful person and he enchanted her some what. " My name is Tyriel."

He snickered softly,"Beautiful Name, beautiful magic.... Hey, have you been initiated by the rest of the performer's yet?" He inquired while stabling up his steed.
Tyriel shook her head, of course she hasn't, technically she wasn't even supposed to be here.

He grinned, " Well how about we get that out of the way. My name is Nicholas by the way.... well follow me." he said as she wiped his face with a towel and walked down a narrow corridor. It led them out to a junction where many of the performer's gathered. He talked with a few, but she only caught a few words.
But it sounded like he inquired about the Ringmaster and who was performing at the moment.
He nodded before leading her and another performer to a room.
Nicholas got up close and stared down at Tyriel, Well Tyriel, here is the thing. The master feels like he doesn't have to pay us, his performer's... So we just take a little off the top, we take our cut's worth with each show. He doesn't notice but it keeps food in our stomach.
his gaze was rather solemn as he explained himself to her.

" Unfortunately he fired the previous person that retrieved the money for us... But with your magic that should be easy right??" he asked with a bright smile. Tyriel bit her bottom lip. All of this was not right. Not paying his employees, stealing from him. It all left a bad taste in her mouth.

She shook her head side to side and Nicholas looked angry. " I cannot! It is wrong to steal!"

" But is it not wrong to skip payments?!.... I doubt he will even pay you wizard of Sabertooth."
Tyriel gasped suddenly," You knew?.... then why did you ask me to steal for you?"

Before Nicholas could answer he was struck from behind by a large 2x4 piece of wood. Tyriel pressed her fingers to her lips as behind the performer stood the Ringmaster."Well Done Tyriel, you work faster than i thought. " he said as he had his henchmen pick Nicholas up as well as restrain his friend.
Tyriel gritted her teeth.
" I never thought it would have been my own nephew..." the ring master said as he hit Nicholas once again.
Tyriel screamed out, " Stop! " but just as she said that the Ringmaster hit her as well; Slapping her across the cheek. It left a lingering sting on her pale skin as she grasped her face.
" You shut up! I didn't hire you to speak your opinion's woman.... Perhaps i won't pay you then..."

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Showtime [C Rank]
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